Still Waiting on International Payment


I have been informed my account has two IBANS, one SAFA and one SWIFT. I provided my client with both and they have sent me documents from their bank confirming transfer, but I have not received anything yet. I need someone to call me urgently.


Hi @RobStewart,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I can see that you can you have been in contact with our Member Support team about this query.

If you do have any further questions or queries, I would suggest to reach out to them. They will be happy to assist you.

I do hope this helps.



Hi Nick,
It seems to be generic responses I get with a request for information. When I respond this seems to push me back to the bottom of the support queue. This is important to me and is causing significant stress to my family and myself. I would appreciate a more rapid, less generic response.



Hi @Nick_at_Tide
3 hours down the line, im not sure when I got the last response from the Support Team, but I am literally sitting here checking my phone. I urgently need help with this, and to be honest all I have done is read back over the forum here and look at TrustPilot… Its not encouraging. Some observations:

  1. Generic responses to bump people to the bottom of the Support Ticket lists are awful. They read the same, and mean nothing.
  2. Time stamps on forum messages and Direct Messages would be excellent.
  3. Direct Messaging, allowing the Support Team to deal with one customers problem then then the next customers problem in its entirety would be far less frustrating to deal with.

Please, I would like an update on the payment I am waiting for.



Hi @Nick_at_Tide
I have been chasing this payment with my client for several days now and the feedback from them and their bank is that Credit Suisse have sent the payment on the 25th of September and Saxo payments Germany have yet to confirm receipt of this. I need an urgent response to this NOW. Not a “I can see you are talking to our support team about this subject” generic response. I can only hope this has not damaged relations with my client and I can continue to do business with them. If not I will be taking legal action. I have bills to pay and this is damaging my reputation professionally and personally in regards to meeting my obligations.

I need feedback. I need someone to call me. I need someone to call Saxo payments.

I also think it should be clear on your website that Tide is nothing but a prepaid debit card, as seems to be the case. I am an engineer, not a banker, and I thought I was signing up to a quick to set up, easy to deal with full business banking package.

I am highly unsatisfied with how this has played out and the responsiveness of your support its frankly glacial in speed.

Rob Stewart