Still haven’t received me payments


Just wondering if anyone else is having the same trouble. Messaged tide and haven’t had a reply as yet. It is beyond a joke now


Yes, it looks like a wider problem than just the Faster Payment issue we know about. I’ve been told they are investigating the issue with PPS, their financial partner


Hey Tony,

I’m having the same issue as well; my payment hasn’t cleared in my balance


They told me bacs and chaps payments are fine it’s the faster payments that are the trouble still and they are being slow catching up on payments


Hi there @TonyB1975, @Motivated-mike and @Clifton,

Thanks for your messages, we do apologise for the inconveniences this has caused.

I can confirm that the issue our banking partner experienced only affected faster payments made into Tide accounts between 13:00 Sunday and 13:00 Monday.

These payments are in the queue and are being processed. If your payment hasn’t arrived yet, it should be processed within the next few hours.

If you have any other questions or queries, do email us at and someone from our Member Support team will be in contact with you.


Hi Nick, my payment was sent by BACS last Friday with cleared funds due today so it’s not limited to Faster Payments.


My payments were faster transfer on Sunday


Hi @Clifton and @TonyB1975.

Could you please get in contact with Member Support at and one of our colleagues will be able to give you an update regarding the issues you have been facing.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience it has caused you both.


Thanks @Nick_at_Tide, I have Mihaela looking into it for me. Ive never experienced this issue before with my previous banking provider so it’s hard to not be emotional and extremely stressed. It’s holding up all my payments and it’s stress I could do without.


@Clifton I’m seriously thinking of moving accounts


@TonyB1975 I don’t think I can afford not to consider it myself. I have suppliers waiting for payments and this has put me at risk of losing the reputation I’ve built. So stressful.


I was talking to someone on the help centre and because this is an “outside” problem there will be no compensation for those affected. Although it’s not about compensation it’s about the loss of custom £6,000 up to yet and my reputation. As a fledgling new business I can’t afford the loss of either


@TonyB1975 I’m not sure that is entirely true. It may well be the case that their banking partner, PPS, is tnhe source of the issues but they are accountable for the service they provide to Tide on behalf of their customers and both are regulated by the FCA and the Financial Ombudsman has the power to award the following:


@clifton I will look at those thank you


@TonyB1975 I have just received my funds, I hope you have also.


Just come through


I am still yet to receive my funds


Hi @Motivated-mike, I can see that you’re speaking to Alice in our Member Support team about this payment. The standard processing cycle for BACS payments is 3 working days, which is standard for all banks. Please notify Alice if this payment does not clear in the expected time frame and she’d be happy to investigate this further for you.
Thanks, Ali