Startup Business, Cannot add account to Paypal and Customers cannot transfer into my account



I am a startup business and accept paypal, bank transfer & iZettle but feel my hands are tied behind my back using Tide and want to know if this will improve before moving banks.

I cannot add my Tide account to Paypal as Paypal do not accept internet banks (I know this is not Tide’s fault here but a necessity for most Tide account holders? certainly me!

If a customer tries to transfer to my Tide account they get warnings they might lose there money as the bank cannot be verified and walk away!

Are there any workarounds to either of these issues?

Thank you


Thank you for reaching out about this @mbc0

I completely understand how frustrating this must be. I personally haven’t looked into this from our side in some time, and it’s possible that PayPal have changed their approach, as members have been able to link their accounts there for some time. I’ll definitely look into this for you, I’d also recommend reaching out to the Member Support team in-app, since they’ll definitely have the most current details.

In regard to the warnings, finding a solution for the Confirmation of Payee system is definitely something we’re looking into. Because we’re not a bank, we’re not involved in the system and so Tide accounts come up as a “no match” result in other banks.

A solution for this isn’t an easy fix, but it’s definitely something we want to address.