Sole director in jail


Now I never thought I’d be writing this… My friend is a sole director of his limited company and is currently on remand in prison pending a court case. It’s possible he might not get out.

I certainly don’t want to take on responsibility of being a director but he asked me if I could monitor his Tide account and check that payments due were being received and outgoings were going as expected.

He told me what details to use for the account but installed on a new device needs new activation again. The problem is the selfie requirement as phones aren’t allowed in jail.

So if he doesn’t get out what’s the best approach? Will Tide accept a signed document giving me authority to maintain the account (so bypassing the selfie requirement) until his sentence is over? The last thing he would want is to be released and have to deal with missed payments to HMRC, etc plus damage to his credit rating with missed payments on the company card. A typical sentence for the crime committed is three months so he is hoping it won’t kill the business.

If Tide can’t come to a solution would an alternative be to use a regular business bank? You can do a lot more with an old fashioned bank including using paper if he needs to authorise anything. If that is in place would you then be able to transfer the money to the new bank with written authority?


Hi @anon,

Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please send this on an email to Our team can then ask for more information and explain the next steps.



I would first need his permission to send this on his behalf so I’d have to wait until he phones me or sends me a letter. He might not be too keen on anybody else at the moment knowing he’s inside which is why I’m not naming him or his company. Obviously if he does get sentenced he will need to take action to give somebody control of his account.

At the moment I’m just after more of an idea of what is possible should the worst happen. It would be good to know what his options are the next time he calls me.


Hi @anon,

Could you please ask the account holder to write a letter, signed and dated, giving you the permission to discuss the account with us? We’ll then be able to review this and advise accordingly.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.



Thanks. I will do that (should he get sentenced, otherwise if he gets released it’ll probably be out before he gets the letter processed). Can I ask where he should send it to? Also would he need to put the sort code/account number on the letter or will name and company name be sufficient?


Hi @anon,

You can send the letter to

If the account holder has only one account with us, their name and company name is enough but if they have multiple accounts with us, please make sure to include the account number as well.