So called faster payment not received


Over 4 hours waiting for a so called faster payment which was vital to my partner and the children in a emergency situation, ridiculous amount of time has passed and although it’s not big amounts it was vital to a personal situation. How can I use you if I cannot trust the service, you take a fee per transaction and not only have you not given me my own money into the account I wanted its now completely unaccessible for me! Without going into personal information I’ll just say youve made me and my family’s life worse than a horrific situation needed to be. If you can’t guarantee a service not only should you not charge you also shouldn’t offer it!! Money is peoples life 24/7 not your Monday to Friday business hours. Knew I shouldn’t of trusted it.


Hi Luke,

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience it has caused not just yourself but your family also.
Our faster payments are not instant as high street banks however it shouldn’t of taken that long and we are very sorry that.

We will certainly take your feedback on-board and we are desperately trying to make faster payment more immediate. You can look at our roadmap here with this link