SLOW SERVICE! Payments not arriving in account, payments not leaving account and no communication



I am awaiting resolution of a payment made out which was help in ‘pending’, around 22 hours after I sent it I got a message saying it was being reviewed but I’ve had not further word and need to make more payments but don’t trust they will go out. I have sent numerous pleas for help with no response.


I’ve not shared this on social media platforms yet but feel I will need to in order to provoke a response if I don’t hear back soon


Hello @ally.robin!

Could you please confirm the name of your company, so I can locate your account and review the matter for you?

Awaiting your reply!


Hi Harry,

Maitland Selwyn Recruitment


Hi Harry, I’m under time pressure to get these payments made and have tried to make another which says it’s also been blocked.


Thank you for the confirmation. I see your messages and will reply to you there.