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I know it’s taken it’s time for Tide to secure more funding, but they have now and hopefully the process should be smoother going forward.

Tide as a business aren’t set up like your normal bank, with billions readily available, but the fact that they are pushing through to help SME’s like us really shows good character.

I’m sure a lot of you are in the same position as me, unable to open an accounts else where and waiting for Tide. But we need to understand, slow progress is better than no progress, I believe we will all be ok at the end of this and I would like to thank Valentine personally, for all of her efforts replying to messages.

I did my time in customer service and sometimes we were only given limited information, but still they try and reply to everyone, with answers they are allowed to.


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I honestly think customer service is joke and in regards bbl where dream I’d we think we going get one

I don’t think customer service is a joke. Tide are often posting updates here. I enquired in App and got a response within 48 hours, given they have a message saying replies will take some I think that’s pretty good.

Also tide couldn’t have really been any more transparent. They’ve publicly acknowledged difficulties raising additional funding, and suggested people try elsewhere.

The only thing that is missing imo is the online qué checker we were promised to check live position in qué.

Apply elsewhere like Tide have suggested if you can. If you can’t be thankful you have some possibility (however slim that might be) of obtaining access to the BBL through tide. :ok_hand:

Thank you for all of the feedback, everyone!

We have been taking steps to speed up our response times, so you shouldn’t be seeing the delays that affected us since our accreditation, we’re hoping to be able to respond to all requests within the same day again, and soon.

Please, keep letting us know how we’re doing.