Slow in-app customer support for New Signup


I recently signed up as a new customer to tide via a black Friday promotion. But its 3 days now and the in app chat support are not answering my messages at all. and I will be moving soon so I need help on this quickly.

Id like to get my account application moving as soon as possible


Here’s hoping for tide support to see this.
It has been 7 Days, and still have yet to have been successful to open a tide account.

I’m constantly being required forward details when some others have been able to open there’s within minutes.

I signed up prior to the black Friday promotion for my first business account since I partially freelance. But like other people (judging from play store reviews) have been facing barrier after barrier.

I’ve sent proof of my social profiles and bank statements for proof of address, Not accepted because its not a ‘strong’ document

I’ve through all this just to be told tide doesn’t accept my proof of address?

This is getting ridiculous.


Hello, please accept our sincerest apologies about the delay in creating your account.When creating an account the timescales can vary; this is due to a variety of factors, you can read more about here: We do hope that you have created your account with Tide successfully. If not, feel free to contact us through and one of our member support agents will gladly assist further.

Please note that the date which is taken into account for our promotions is the one on which you have submitted your application. Thank you!