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So I have gone through the sign up process (I do not recieve SMS messages so I skipped that step and moved on). I have downloaded the app, photosgraphed my id (etc) and now when I try to log in with the email address and 5 digit PIN it takes me to a MS Messenger/WatsApp style page asking for some info on the company.
I have provided this via a photograph upload of dome documents, but then nothing happens.
As it stands I cant log in online via my PC because to do so I think you need to go via the phone app first, and on my phone I cant get past the request for the company info screen so cant get to any form of app chat function.
Am I missing something ? Or does it just take much longer than indicated on the Tide website ?
Any support/advice much appreciated,



Hi Richard,

Thanks for taking the time to draw this to our attention.

I can confirm that an agent from our Onboarding team has been in touch with you. We run checks on all applications and usually finish them within minutes, so most of our members are able to open their account immediately. Though in certain cases, our On-boarding team need a little more information, you can read more about the process here: I’m sorry that your application took longer than anticipated.

I’ll now contact our Onboarding team who will continue with your application as soon as possible. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at - we’d love to help!

Have a fantastic day and I wish you and your business all the best ahead.


Thank you David - it looks like im all sorted now. I simply needed to type in, or photograph documents with the details requested. The agent from the onboarding team was most helpful.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the positive update, Richard. I’m delighted to hear about this and it’s great to have you on board! Should you have any questions regarding your account, please don’t hestitate to reach out to our team, you can always ask for David too! I’d love to help if I’m available. :blush:

Warmest regards,