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Hi there,

I am considering to go with your tide account for our new company. We are two partners and would need two cards.

Is this account suitable for multiple users?


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    Sep '17
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    Jul '18
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Thanks for your question. The Tide Product Development team are currently working towards introducing multi-user access. However, at this stage this feature is unavailable as the app only has single-user capabilities. You will be able to provide multiple cards when this feature is released on the app. Thanks for your patience.

Hi @phlp, thanks for you interest in Tide. Currently, the account does not have multi-user functionality. However, this is a feature our Product Development team are working hard to introduce soon. I’ll be sure to reach out to you when this feature is available for your partnership. Thanks for your patience in the meantime @phlp.

2 months later

This is for me the single biggest problem with Tide. People based start ups need multiple cards immediately. Multicurrency can be solved in other ways or wait until years 2 or 3. Until you introduce multiple cards, Tide is just a …toy.

Hi @bitterend, thanks for sharing your feedback. Pleased to inform you that multiple cards are coming to Tide very soon, with multi-user access following this.

25 days later

Hi, we have been advised that the multi user is coming soon for a very long time. Please can you provide a more accurate date for this. It’s a very important feature which our company account needs. Please advise

11 days later

Hi I really need to set up my account as a partnership not sole trader. This needs to be sorted asap as can’t wait any longer, please advise if this is happening in 2017? If not I’m going else where, its the one thing that really lets Tide down.

Hi @davebloke2000, pleased to inform you that we do allow partnerships to create companies. Instead of registering as a sole trader, you would need to register as a limited business.

I hope this helps!

Hi Viktoria,

Thank you for your reply.

Not sure I fully understand, I’m setting up and about to register as a partnership not a limited company. Are you saying I can still set up a partnership by following the limited company setup even though it’s not a limited company and we can get two credit cards etc?

Many Thanks

Hi @davebloke2000, sorry I wasn’t clearer earlier. But yes, you can still set up a partnership by following the limited company set up even though it’s not a limited company.

However, you would not be able to get two debit cards for this partnership because we haven’t yet introduced our multi-card feature or multi-user feature - but not long now until this is live. Our Product Development team are in the process of developing this feature. So, if you’re interested in testing it before it goes live in Tide Preview - our beta testing programme - do let me know. I’d be more than happy to sign you up.

22 days later

I was just wondering if there is any update on multi-card feature/multi-user feature as I have the exact same question as a few people on here. I heard this feature was due to be released in November but was then delayed but it still looks like there hasn’t been an update, thanks!

Hi @robprovius, it’s still the case that our Product Development team are still working on developing both multi-card and multi-user. We hope to introduce multi-card first with multi-user following this.

6 months later

Hi Viktoria, is there any update on the multi-card feature becoming active. This is an essential feature for our business. Thanks

Hi Valentine

Thanks for this, but I cant see on this link where I actually or the team cards. Can you help please?


Hi @Aldo_Kahane,

You’ll only be eligible to Team Cards if you have a registered company account. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer Team Cards to sole traders.

If you do have a registered company account, you can follow the below steps to request additional cards:
Go to the ‘More’ menu and tap on ‘Team Cards’. You’ll then need to enter your team member’s details and select the relevant account(s). Subject to passing security checks (which should take a few seconds), the card will arrive at your trading address within a week.

Hope this helps.