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I have tried to make a sizeable payment to purchase a property to my solicitors account. THis has been held for security reasons. I am now awaiting additional checks but this has been over 2 days. I need to complete on the property tomorrow and although I understand that checks need to be made I have had very little contact.
I’m concerned that I will receive penalties if this does not transact.

I have tried contacting the tide but only have a response that the team is busy. How can I expedite my request?

I’m having the same issue, need to transfer some funds between my Tide accounts so that I can pay salaries to my staff. Raised a support request yesterday evening, only been sent a ‘we’re busy’ update. Been pleased with Tide to date, this is the first and rather major issue - transfer between my own business accounts being blocked with no comms.

Hello @mattnics!

I’m sorry about the inconvenience that this might have caused you. I have checked your messages to our member support team and I can confirm that the additional checks on the payment have been performed yesterday and the matter has been resolved!

Hello @parvezsaleh

I can check your query for you as well and ask the team to prioritize it. If you do not mind sharing the name of your company, so I can locate your account, I would be more then happy assisting further!

Our checks were also completed this morning so our issue is also resolved.

3 months later

I have had the same issue trying to pay wages for all staff before christmas and have not had a response, please can someone contact me asap, i have messaged 4 time since 4pm and still havent hada response. i need this rectified this evening as i have got a number who need money for Christmas

Hello @Teddy89,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here.

Could you please let us know if this has been resolved?

Looking forward to hearing from you.