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You asked, we listened. No more worrying about future payments - you can now schedule payments from your Tide account.

What are scheduled payments?
A scheduled payment is a recurring or one-off payment from your account, for a set time, frequency and amount. So whether it’s a standing order to pay staff salaries, or a one-off payment to a supplier at the end of the month, you can set up payees and schedules straight through your Tide app and on web.

Here’s what you need to know:

What frequency options are available?
You can set up monthly, weekly or one-off future payments on the web 11 or an Android device. If you’re scheduling a payment from an iOS device, you’ll be able to set up monthly and one-off payments.

How do I set one up?
Once you’ve logged on to Tide on the web, click ‘Make a payment’ and enter the payment details and frequency (click here 15 to log in).

You can also schedule payments in the app - tap ‘Pay’, followed by ‘Scheduled payments’ and then ‘Schedule new payment’. Please note that, if you’re using an iOS device, you’ll be able to schedule monthly and one-off payments in the app, but you’ll need to log on to Tide on the web 15 to schedule weekly payments.

Is it free?
Yes - there’s no cost to set up a scheduled payment. The transfers themselves will be charged at the normal rate of 20p per outbound Faster Payment.

How can I view my existing scheduled payments?
You can do so by by tapping on “Pay” in your mobile app and selecting “Scheduled payments”.

How do I edit my existing scheduled payments?
You’ll need to delete and set up a new payment with the correct information. We are hoping to add edit functionality in the coming months.

How can I stop or delete a scheduled payment?
You can do so by tapping on the ‘X’ next to the payment in the list, shown on the scheduled payments screen. You can do this on either mobile or on web.

How far in advance of the payment date can I schedule a payment?
You can schedule one-off payments up to one year in advance. Weekly and monthly standing orders can be scheduled to commence on the same day, and up to a maximum of one year in advance.

Are there any limits?
No, aside from the usual account limits (which you can see here 3).