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I am not a tide customer, however I created an account just to be apart of the community to get a better understanding.
December 23rd I made a CHAPS payment to a business which banks with TIDE.
Fast forward today is now December 28.
He still has not received payment.
I contacted my bank who emailed me my transaction ID to provide to the business owner to get in contact with bank to locate my payment.
I have crossed checked multiple time to make sure account number and sort code matched so that is not the issue.
After reading a few posts, I can see I’m not the only person experiencing this, I’m just a customer who paid for a service using this bank and now I’m living in a nightmare.
Please can someone assist me as I have never experienced this and my next step would be to involve the financial ombudsman.

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    Dec '20
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Hi @Sheekz,

Thank you for reaching out and for being part of our community here. I’m truly sorry to hear that this has happened. There can be different reasons for a delayed payment and if the payment hasn’t been received yet by the recipient, I can recommend you to provide the following payment details to our member/recipient - the exact sum (and correct currency), the payment ID, the reference used by the sender/you, your account number, sort code and name, and any supporting documentation so they can contact our Member Support team in-app to investigate this further. Should you have any further questions, just let me know.

Best regards,

Thanks for the advice, however, this should not be the ‘normal’ process when it comes to online banking. I should not have to go and investigate where my money has gone if I have done the right process.
I have never experienced this before, as a result of this I will never involve my self with any business ties to TIDE.
This is despicable to have a customer feeling helpless and almost resulting to file a fraud investigation and/or contacting the financial ombudsman.
With such experience I have little faith in the business i used and I’m certainly feeling scammed as I have paid for a service I have not received due to payment not being received!!!

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