Saturday Payment urgent help please


Hi guys,

So new business here only been going a few weeks doing ok. I have a client who always pays on a friday this week remittance comes out on wednesday as normal but instead of saying you will have your money by friday it says Monday its causing me a cash flow nightmare. I know it has been sent by bacs to credit Monday. On my personal account my bank treats Saturday as Monday so Monday bacs credit on a saturday. Howeber on my wifes bank they treat saturday as friday so Monday bacs don’t credit until Monday. Can someone with a bit of experience tell me what happens with tide could i say it credit tomorrow morning saturday like my personal account or am i going to be stuck until Monday morning.

Please help.

Thank you


Hello @mrbuildernan,

We can see that Abbie from our support team responded to your query today and from what we see it has been fully resolved.

Please do let us know if anything else comes up!