Same as A LOT of others



So I applied a week ago, the company was registered within a day- Hgs Project Solutions (seems Company House dont have any problems).

app continued with the usual 5Mins to 48Hrs message (lol)… Friday i Recive an Email asking further questions of which most i had given details of in my initial application, unbelievably one asked for my company name… you literally paid and registered it for me!!!

Anyway i replied to the email promptly, not heard anything further, reinstalled the app as that seemed like a good idea as i wasnt getting any further there and couldnt receive messages through it. didnt help as ive now been stuck on a message reading… we are just undertaking additional checks which could take upto 2Hrs (yeah Sure).

so please can you provide me details of when I might be able to use my account?


Thank you for writing @Sholmsie

The process does take a differing amount of time based on your business, it has been a bit busier than usual with our onboarding team and they have had to take a bit more than usual as well.

I’ve made sure to alert them about yours so they can respond to you as soon as they possibly can and make progress.