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I really do wonder what everyone is aiming to achieve with their trust pilot reviews and constantly repeating the same things over and over & whinging & repeating & whinging & …

Imagine the irony if part the reason financing fell through was because of the whinging that’s taken place online, to the fca and the bbb over the last 3 months… Something we’ll never know. But I can guarantee it ain’t helped,

Writing reviews could help bring down a company as could all of the reporting and “very important” letters being written to the fca, aid more damage and put people out of work.

Imo please have a word with yourselves, anyone feeling really important writing shitty reviews you may be the very thing that screwed the whole process up!

I noticed the same thing on other social media platforms… people haven’t got their own way so they start attacking other people, it’s madness.

ExcludedUK are a good example of a bunch of professionals refusing to act like anything other than professionals or give up, guess what… that tactic might actually work… jumping up and down like a little kid certainly doesn’t, never has & never will.

Please reviewers do yourselves a favour & grow up.


Dear @Cam,

I am afraid I have to disagree with you here. Each and everyone of those reviews tells of an individual business and their experience and perception of Tide.

If they were all to have “fallen in line” and formed neat rank for Tide, not complaining and waiting silently and patiently, would this have made a difference? Maybe, maybe not.

However, such reviews represent the truth of how people feel with this organisation. Hiding from them or dismissing them, is the sort of attitude that would then end up costing Tide even more and further down the line.

I would be exceptionally surpised if Tide are able to survive in their current form. The fact that many accounts have no FCA protection, and that they are merely pre-paid segregated accounts provides little confidence following the wirecard scandal. We have begun to transfer out, even to personal accounts tempoarially. It is going to cost us in directors loan charges.

If Tide are to turn things round, some big changes will be needed in culture and leadership. I am unsure when their next funding round is, but things cannot look rosy for that time.


So Cam, Are you asking people not to express how they feel? Tide told us they were lending and all the while we were relying on them to progress our BBL based on the waiting list.
But Tide never got to number 399 for 2 months?? They keep saying they beta tested with some companies. Why didn’t they do the beta testing with companies on the list? Tide did not even issue a BBL to 1% of their customers and you think the reviews are unfair?



People are pinning all of their miseries and problems on tide, tide tried to get private funding for a loan of 2.5% after their members begged them to do so.

Rather than doing as 47 other banks have done they jumped in the ring, a small challenger bank with minimal staff tried to help out. THEY ARE TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE UNLIKE 47 OTHER BANKS !

It didn’t work out, that’s life, they tried, this is not tides fault. Their communication is inexcusable and the way they have dealt with some factors has been terrible.

But pinning all their blame and talking of holding them to account when they tried ?

People are delusional - emotions are clouding their vision.

You can sit here talking about all the failings that have happened, you can sit here asking the same questions day in day out and writing shite reviews or you can accept it’s nigh on impossible to get a huge sum of money at such a diabolical interest rate… bet if it had been 7.5%+ they would have been throwing it at them, but it isn’t, it’s 2.5% set out by the government, where does the blame lie ? With the government.

These people writing their very important reviews can’t even get a bounce back loan for £20k and they have the nerve to try and tear down another company for not being able to get a £500m at 2.5% ?

I’m sorry but I have to disagree it’s extremely narrow minded & will achieve… absolutely nothing.


Mate I’m saying nothing will be gained, it will cause more harm than good & actually unlike 47 other Main Street banks and building societies at least they have actually tried.

I don’t want to sit here bickering & I certainly don’t mean anything personally but I do think as a good example the way you get results is by staying positive, looking forward and being proactive… not throwing your toys out of the pram like a little kid writing reviews.



I am sorry and I do have to disagree here. We can perhaps agree to disagree.

Tide are by no means a minnow in the SME pond that they operate in. At last count they had over 2% market share, a share that will have undoubtedly grown during the COVID-19 crisis. To give some perspective on that market share, it is a similar share to Clydesdale Bank.

Had Tide “not bothered” to try for accreditation and lending. Then all members would quite rightly have questioned the raison d’etre of being with Tide.

That Tide has no credit creation or fractional reserve banking ability, is no fault of the government. To buy the dead cat Tide threw on the table 2 days ago, is naive.

What Tide did not ever do, and no fintech has done to be fair to Tide. Is to have a large and massive warning when opening an account, that Tide does not provide businesss funding support, in the way a traditional bank does.

This warning needs to be loud and clear on all fintech account openings. If they don’t like it, apply and get a banking licence and all the regulations that involves. Tide cannot have it both ways.

They increased marketshare, and have put their customers at huge material detriment by them being with Tide and not a real banking institution.

It is also clear from the snarky responses from their customer service team, that they have essentially given up. I cannot blame them.


I actually agree with everything you said in your last 2 comments.
They tried their best and it didn’t work. So what next?


Well my main advice (although of course you are not allowed to give financial advice without qualifications) & thought to anyone would be DO NOT CLOSE YOUR COMPANIES DOWN. Even if it is left as an empty cash shell.

We have to live with the fact this is the position we are in, it’s dire & in many cases we can’t afford to operate (for now) but we have 4 months left of bbl’s and possibilities.

Tide are (& I fully believe they are) lobbying on our behalf, their interests are well and truly alined with our own, if they don’t get funding 90% + of their customers will either go under or they will go elsewhere anyways out of spite. Tide will very likely go under aswel. Trust pilot reviews or not.

I also bank with monzo and I will be pushing for them to pressure the treasury, anyone who has personal or business accounts elsewhere not on high st I really suggest them doing the same.

There is a very distinct possibility that we will at some point over the next 4 months, get sorted - even if businesses closed from operation, (as many of us still are & will remain) leave the ltd company open & when the time comes, get a loan, slimline, reassess & start back up again.

Once wait lists on other banks diminish it is highly likely they to will open up to new previously existing Businesses & at which point we apply.

These Sadly, for now, are our options, defence mode, all is not yet lost but we have to live with the position we are in and look forward strategically… And hope to god we get some luck.

@richardv9 tide will be loss making on new members, admin costs, card costs & effort, I do not for one second think tides objective has been to build up a list & new customers to gain a grant. Not to mention if that was really the case it would have been mandatory to open an account with the bank, but it wasn’t, they were offering loans to none members, their intention has been to help!

I need a long weekend and to enjoy some music in the sunshine, these are undoubtedly tough times.

Keep the chins up people, it is what it is.




The kind of world we live in…

the biggest heist in history has just taken place & will continue to take place right under our noses & we still get right wing working class sticking up for it, why because they don’t have a clue, bloody melts.

It would cost £3.3b to give all forgotten workers / business £10,000 - a fraction of that given to large corporations,


Chanel A European company, owned by billionaire brothers Assets and groups worth £56b - £600m

Tottenham football club £200m (controlled by currency trader based in behamas)

JCB owned by billionaire family - £400m

Meanwhile people pull their hair out to feed their kids.

& the most ironic and sickest thing for me through all of that is how people would rather blame those on par or bellow them, than above.

“Ah it’s not the governments fault”

“All hail king Boris, educated at Eaton & part of the elite :raised_hands:

Meanwhile sally who owns a fooking hairdressers can’t afford to pay her staff £14k a year to help her feed her kids but the the billionaire brothers just got £600m !!

All hail king boris, :uk: (Oooo lefty triggered) … fooking morons.

King Boris the bumbling charismatic selfish right wing tosser who will do and say the bare minimum to get what he needs.


value of a currency is weighted to gdp… if we print money & gdp doesn’t increase, it devalues a currency… hence why rich c**ts go in for a hand out, their worth becomes less due to the valuation of a currency weakening.

Yet If the money was spent and handed out wisely gdp wouldn’t suffer so hard.


Rich get richer.

People become homeless, jobs are lost, businesses close, tax isn’t paid & government will spin something on how we “can’t afford to help”.


To top it off.

We borrow from ourselves!! (Borrowing from yourself is a funny dynamic, plenty of excuses not to give it back).

hence why debts can be written down (only for the rich).

Rant over.

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