Rejection of Tide Debit card by Merchants


I still having problems with this at Google Ads. For a business account Googles Ads is a big business platform. Reading comments here this is not a SMALL issue like Tide seem to say it is. Its not a small number of business.

Back in May 2018 @Katie_at_Tide said they are looking into alternatives. Where are Tide with this 1 Year and 8 months later?

Monzo Business might be a better alternative they closed off their prepaid Mastercard programme early 2018. Why can’t Tide look into do the same as they did? clear seems like this is a huge issue,


I’m a purely online business and I have only just started to discover the horror of not being able to make my normal payments with the Tide card. NONE of my suppliers accept the card, that’s not a small handful as suggested by Tide.

Given that there is no charge for card payments but 20p per BACs transaction I’m guessing this is the real reason Tide are not in a rush to help us.

Also given that they suggest looking at an old roadmap where it isn’t even given any date (hence almost 2 years on no movement) I can only assume I’ve been conned into an unusable system that will never be improved upon. I should have known that the free card transactions was too good to be true.

I’m in the process of informing all the online sites that “promote” Tide of the miss selling of these accounts.

I should say I was initially impressed with the account and everything else I have used, the app, the website, customer support have all been very good. This card business has left me really disappointed and conflicted about keeping the account now.

Perhaps offer free transactions where we have had to use BACs because the card has been turned down yet again?


Google ads account is also rejecting tide because of its pre-paid nature.


Hi Ritchie,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Whilst we’re sorry you’ve been disappointed with your experience, we always appreciate the opportunity to address our members’ concerns.

Unfortunately, it is the merchant’s decision to determine whether they accept prepaid cards or not. This can be resolved with some companies by providing an Account Verification Letter, to verify that Tide is a business account. If you require this letter please contact our team via the app, or at they’d be happy to help.

Some merchants/service providers won’t accept a prepaid debit card because the point of registering a card with them is that they can use it to charge you for fees/refunds when there are no funds left in your account after a disbursement. With a prepaid debit card, they have no guarantee, there would be sufficient (or indeed any) funds available on it.

We understand that this is causing inconvenience for some of our members. While the Tide Prepaid card works effectively in the same way as a Debit Card, Debit cards are in the suggestions section of our Roadmap which we update and we one day hope to provide this to our members.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Member Support Team, we’d love to help you!

We’re grateful that you chose Tide and it’s great to have you as part of our community. We hope that one day, as we expand, you will find our services more suitable for your business needs.

Best wishes for the year ahead,



Hi @Reddbox, yes, unfortunately, Google Ads don’t accept pre-paid card payments, however, you are able to choose an alternative payment method such as direct debit or bank transfer to set up your ads. If you have any trouble with that, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at or via the in-app chat - we’ll then get back to you promptly.

Warmest regards,



Hi David,

Thanks for getting back to us. This thread has been around for coming up to 2 years and I dare say the debit card has been on the roadmap for longer. That fact it hasn’t progressed from the suggestion section in all this time gives little hope for it to ever be resolved.

I still maintain that you have no incentive to act on it as you make more money by not fixing the problem. It feels like you have mis sold the account by enticing people in with free transactions using the “debit card” when in reality people are unable to use the card and end up paying extra in transfer fees instead.

I understand everyone needs to make money but you should be more open about this, on your site you state:

Free business Mastercard

Spend on your card with no purchase fees, whether you’re spending in the UK or abroad.

This is very misleading. You should specify that it is a pre-paid card not a business mastercard.


Hi again,

Thanks so much for getting back in touch and sharing your feedback - it’s greatly appreciated.

I assure you that the purpose of having pre-paid debit cards is not to challenge our members. It’s ultimately, down to the merchants to decide whether they accept pre-paid debit card payments. We will specify this on our website for our members’ convenience too.

Some of our members also use a payment gateway such as PayPal to get around this and pay with their card.

I hope this helps and should you have any further feedback or questions regarding your account, please contact our team at or through the in-app chat - assistance is just a message away!

Kindest regards,



Hi there,

I’ve recently opened my tide business “bank” account.

The first thing I’ve tried to do is recent payment from an international client via IBAN. :x:
The second thing I’ve tried to do is make a card payment, to Google. :x:

It seems this Tide account isn’t really fit for purpose.

What a complete waste of time.


Hello, we do understand how important it is to our members to have an International currency account, which is why we are currently working on providing one. In order to register your interest and be one of the first to be reached out, please contact us through the in-app chat and our member support agents will gladly assist with that.

As for card payments to google, we are currently working on a resolution for this as well and our members will be notified shortly.


First time using my Tide card, to an online supplier in the US, & it’s refused. From this thread it looks to me as if the Tide card description on the Tide website is misleading. There should be some wording like “You’ll probably also need a card from another supplier to pay for some of your expenses”


Hello, could you please send us a message through the in=app chat or through and one of our member support agents will gladly assist you with this. Thank you!


I can see that 2 years later, this still hasn’t been resolved.

I’m going to have to get a proper business account and debit card elsewhere that merchants actually accept. Pity.


Hey @freerange.

We are sorry to hear this.

Please do let us know if we can help with anything else.


I agree. I will now be moving my account bank to a high st bank because of this. It is such a shame because the Web / Mobile experience of Tide is amazing compared to regular high st banks. However, I feel you (Tide) have underestimated the value of having a card that works without having to resort to workarounds like you have suggested.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Simon_EAS

We don’t have a solution in regard to the Tide cards just as yet, but we’re glad to know where we stand to improve and what we’re doing right.



Hello - I have also experienced this with Zipcar this month.
Please can you let me know if they have been known to accept the letter that Tide proposes in the thread above?


Just signed up to the forums to say this is a massive issue. 90% of the service I try and pay for online does not work with the pre-paid card so I have to use my personal card and expense it.

I’m leaving Tide soon due to this.

The fact that after two years of being aware of it you have no concrete plans/date to solve it is mindblowing.


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this @andyc

While we don’t have a direct solution for this in the works, as the issue is intrinsic to how merchants are willing to accept payments from prepaid cards, as well as restrictions on MasterCard’s side.

It’s definitely not something that will change overnight, but it’s important for us to know where you stand.


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