Rejection of Tide Debit card by Merchants


I think it’s a massive issue yet, Tide does not seem to acknowledge it or share how they plan to solve the problem. Now that Tide has a new CEO, wonder whether he would see the issue as a serious one. As the other banks come on stream, you will start to loose early loyal customers if this problem is not solved. Just my 2p.


I did not realise Tide wasn’t a proper bank and is just a pre-paid card. Feel a bit led on by this.

I am trying to run Google Ad campaigns using my Tide card and it’s rejected it. This is a pretty big deal - a large part of my business. It makes using Tide unsustainable for us.

In May you mentioned that the team were working behind the scenes to come up with a solution to this but 6 months later the problem is still here.

Can you give an update on this? I would also like to know how much of a priority this is for Tide as it doesn’t seem to be that big of a priority.


I have been fighting with a number of companies I deal with regarding online payments etc as the majority of my business is mainly online.

I cannot, for the life of me, believe that this is the issue, a card with a “prepaid” status. I actually feel cheated. I’m now in the process of closing accounts down and transfering money to tide.

I’m so angry I could cry!


Feel like crying as well. I just made mt first payment (attempt) today with tide, and the payment was refused. I found this topic while looking why this would happen, and I got shocked ! Just reading all these problems paying with the card is freaking me out. I have seen other similar topics as well…

And just learned that the card is actually not a real debit card !

As a business you need to be confident that you will be able to pay your expenses in all circumstances, this can lead to both embarassing situations and a big loss of time in accounting (Which was the main reason why I subscribed to tide in the first place). And since you need to pay back your personal account for this expense, I guess there is a fee that will be applied to this bank transfer???

Ten I read that there is no plan to change that in the future, I think that this is the worst… Wish I had read the small prints…

I love the way that the app is build and the payments categories and attachements, but if you can’t get your expenses to go out from the account, it’s a huge hussle. If any of you knows of an alternative that do works I’m all in :confused:


This is farcical - one of the main expenses of a small business consultant is travel and all major travel merchants (Rail machines, Uber etc) don’t accept this card.

Wish I’d read the small print too - my daughters Go Henry card is more widely accepted. I’ll be moving back to a proper bank unfortunately. App platform is excellent but if the card can’t pay for any expenses directly I am just have to double transact and double handle everything. One step forward, two steps back. Shame.



I am wondering whether Tide have an update on this?

Google Ad platform (pretty crucial to most startups?) and Digital Ocean (hosting company) do not accept prepaid and that is two of the four payments I have tried to move.

It would be good to know if there are any plans to move to debit in the future, so that we can make a decision on whether to continue using Tide.


I can tell you that Google, Digital Ocean, pipedrive, hubspot, uber, chargebee are not accepting the card.
I asked several times Tide tell me that it was the merchant fault.
So can you really do with this card!
This is just unacceptable!


Does anyone know why merchants won’t accept a prepay card? They’re guaranteed the money at the point they take the card otherwise the card gets declined so in theory it shouldn’t be any different to any other card, except that it obviously is. Just baffled as to why so many merchants won’t accept it.


We can add iwoca to the list of merchants who won’t accept Tide’s “prepaid” debit card :angry:

Most of time I can get round the issue by using my company Barclaycard, where there are times when using a debit card is the only way to avoid charges (eg HMRC).

For iwoca not to accept the Tide “MasterCard” is very ironic, given the cross platform advertising.

This really does need to be resolved. Even a timeline to resolution would help hugely.


Wow really wish I had read this thread earlier.

Just spent the last 3 months trying to obtain a Tide account and finally got one. Now I’ve realised I can’t really use them for anything at all…

As a non UK resident, this is even more problematic as I don’t even have a personal UK bank account and debit card to pay suppliers with…


Not working for any paid Google services. Quite a problem


not being able to pay for google Adwords rather defeats the object of a business card. Very frustrating and I will have to look for alternative account with a debit card unless I get a sensible resolution from Tide that works. More hassle… and wasted time


I’ve just had the Tide card rejected by Barclaycard - this is a real problem with operating the account. I don’t understand why Tide are not working a solution, it is obvious that customers will move away and the banks reputation will be damaged.


I’ve just tried signing up to Azure using my Tide account details but my card was rejected due to the following error “Sorry, we can’t accept pre-paid cards. Please try another payment method”.

As a software developer trying to set up their business website this is incredibly frustrating. As this will be a recurring payment it will be annoying to claim on expenses every month.

I will start looking for an alternative bank account as Tide currently does not meet my requirements. I would not have signed up for an account if I’d known.


Hi @whiscode,

We are aware of a small number of merchants, and self-service machines, which do not accept prepaid debit cards. Unfortunately, it is the merchant’s decision to determine whether they accept prepaid cards or not. This can be resolved with some companies by providing an Account Verification Letter, to verify that Tide is a business account. If you require this letter please contact our team via the app, or at they’d be happy to help.

Tide’s Prepaid card works effectively in the same way as a Debit Card, there’s no need for ‘top-ups’. Debit cards are in the suggestions section of our roadmap, so you can vote and watch progress: If you have any questions, just let us know.

I do hope this helps.



Hi Nick,

I appreciate the reply. I take your point on it being the merchant’s decision on this and it is unfortunate. Whilst I appreciate trying an account verification letter, I simply don’t have the time to send letters to companies and wait for an outcome, especially when rejection is a possibility. For tax and liability purposes I need to keep my personal and business transactions separate so claiming back on expenses whilst I wait to hear the result of my letter is just not feasible. I also doubt companies on the scale of Microsoft and Google are going to change their policies for little me :slight_smile:

I’ve no other issues with your service - I really like the app and especially love the integration with FreeAgent.

In my case I am currently switching over to a new business bank account as this solves my problems in the short-term. I will definitely keep an eye on your road map and will certainly consider switching back if you guys decide to offer debit cards.


Hi @whiscode

Thank you for the feedback and it’s wonderful to hear you’re enjoying your experience with Tide, we’re sad to see you go but do keep an eye on our road map and we look forward to welcoming you back on board in the future.



As a merchant who typically rejects prepaid cards, I thought it might be useful to explain that the reason we do so is the high frequency of fraudulent transactions associated with prepaid cards.

Often, when card details are saved by a merchant (often by a PSP like Stripe) they complete an authorisation charge for a small amount to validate the card details e.g £1 and then release it. Later they’ll charge the exact amount of the customers purchase to the saved card details. This is especially the case for companies who’s charges may be for adhoc variable amounts e.g Uber, Metered billing for Cloud Infrastructure etc.

Unfortunately, fraudsters using prepaid cards can validate their card and then run up huge bills that they never have the intention of paying since their prepaid cards only have say £10 on them.

Obviously, blanket rejecting prepaid cards is a blunt tool against a certain type of fraud, but the reality is that prepaid cards for legitimate customers aren’t that common - and from a merchant’s point of view - it’s often just not worth the risk of accepting.

For Tide to say that it’s only a “small number of merchants” don’t accept prepaid cards is ridiculous and frankly smacks of a lack of knowledge.


A warning to other people:
One of the “small number of merchants” that do not accept prepaid cards is Google. This means you can’t get a domain via Google, GSuite or any other Google product using Tide.

We are in the process of moving away from Tide as this is a critical failure in their product.


G Suite obviously rejects Tide as it is a pre-paid card. But you can pay the last month’s outstanding fee using it without “adding” the card. Once paid, the card details will still be stored there, which you could use for next month’s payment. However, you cannot make it your primary card, which means you have to choose the Tide card manually. Hope this helps as a work around.

Not sure why Tide cannot speak to Google and get this sorted out.