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Dear Valentine. We were sent a pre-approval email on 29 May saying we could get the bounce back loan and that we needed to upgrade the version of your app. We then had problems with accessing our account after downloading the new version and couldn’t get into our account at all. We sent numerous support messages to ask for help in sorting it out. No response. Then on Monday 1st June we had another email saying the bounce back loan had been paused as you had not heard from us. One working day later! And when we did get through to support they acknowledged a lot of people had had issues with downloading the new version and going through the recovery process. We were told on the 1st June that it would take two days to reinstate it and the loans team had been told we wanted to take up the offer. We have been told this three times since but saying it will take a few days on the subsequent two times. It is now the 12th June and it is still not reinstated. And I now read your message that you have given out the £50million you had to lend and are trying to get more. Please clarify the position for me. If we have been told it is being reinstated when will this happen? It seems poor that you ‘paused’ the lending when it was your app issue, plus you only gave us one day before you paused it and we couldn’t get into our account that whole time!

Please can you reply to my message. I am getting standard generic script responses through support on the app. I have tried calling numerous times but just keep getting told you are too busy and you hang up.

Very similar - TOTAL JOKE Company and App. Twice now I have had the “you are pre approved email” and when I click on credit only option is IWOCA NOT BBL. Delete and reload app to no avail and absolute bull shit support from them.

Dear Valentine. Please can you respond to these comments. How can someone have received two pre-approval emails and the. The loan isn’t there. There is something seriously wrong that Tide is not addressing. Your customers deserve for you to sort these issues out.

Hi Valentine. It’s called The Sports Project CIC. Many thanks for your help.

Thank you both, I’m looking into this with the team and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience,

It is a fault/bug with the app - we have been pre approved but when you follow the instructions (and I have done so twice now after deleting and reinstalling the latest version of the app) you do not get the BBL option.

The problem is that last time some weeks ago nothing got resolved and when i finally got a response from support it was frankly pathetic and they were utterly uninterested in trying to solve it. And in any event all the BBL funds had been distributed. If you don’t sort this NOW then the funds will all go again !!!

Hi both,

I know the team has been in touch to further assist you with this.

I will now close this thread but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get back to the team directly via the in-app chat so that they can help.

Many thanks,

closed Jun 23, '20