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This morning I had to reinstall the Tide app. I followed the instructions for uploading ID, took a photo and set a new security code. The app said “we are performing additional security checks which will be complete within two hours”.

Four hours later, nothing. So I hit the ‘contact us’ link and ask for an update.

No update.

6 hours later I email Tide. No response.

8 hours later, and I click on the ‘contact us’ link again because I have had no response from anyone, and there is a message there from ‘Aurelian’. The app did not tell me there had been a response.

Aurelian wrote that I was anonymous, and asked for details of the account. How can this be? The app was used to upload ID, and a photo. How does tide associate that ID and photo with the app installed on my phone, and yet cannot identify who has sent a message using the contact form on the same app?

I have bills to pay, including payroll. It should not take this long to get this sorted out.

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    Sep '20
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    Oct '20
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Now I have been told I have to uninstall the app again and reinstall, reupload ID and reupload a photo, despite that having been done already. None of this is confidence inspiring.

Thank you for letting us know about this @Akita

I can see from the latest messages from the member support team, they’ve been able to sort out the recovery request from our side. I will certainly look into the details of your messages with the team as well and make sure that any of the team are given the proper feedback.

I understand that this has been somewhat frustrating for you and I’d be happy to assist you further if you need anything.


Please can someone contact me urgently

I have changed phones, sent a copy of my driving licence yesterday and today along with a selfie

And requested a call, sent messages on the contact us app but no answer yet


Matthew Genner

Hello @Mafg1966,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We can confirm that our team called you couple of moments ago and the case has been resolved.

Let us know if anything else comes up!