Refund disaster!



This bank is a nightmare. First stole my money and refused to refund my money to my account. I did send a transfer trough transferwise which I’ve canceled so the money have been refunded into my account immediately. But tide don’t credit back my money I am writing in the secure channel tone of messages (this is the only way of contacting tide) and no body reply to my questions. I’ve been assured from transferwise that the money have been refunded and they supplied me with a copy of the refunded receipt. This is a faster payment transfer which is taking tide 3 days to transfer and still not in my account, there is lack of communication with this bank this is a joke. Run away from this bank they still your money and no respond from them . I am closing this account immediately and moving to a real bank.


Hi @Twister24,

I’m really sorry to hear about your experience.

I know the Member Support team is in touch with you via the in-app chat to keep you updated on the situation. Please rest assured that they are on it and working to resolve this as soon as possible for you.

I also wanted to reassure you that it’s never possible for Tide to lose your money. Our members’ funds are kept in a protected Safeguarding account, meaning that they can never be loaned out to other customers and, as such, are not exposed to risk.

I completely understand your frustrations and I am sorry for the lack of communications here. We’ve received a very high volume of messages lately but rest assured that we are on it and are working hard to make sure we get back to queries as quickly as possible.

The Member Support team will be back in touch on the in-app chat as soon as they have an update. If you I can help with anything else in the meantime, please let me know.


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