Receiving fast payments


How long does it take to receive faster payments outside of normal working hours?


In most banks there’s an automatic procedure for transactions under certain threshold. So it’s an hour usually, both for inbound and outbound FPS. At least, that’s what I have noticed (via push notifications of my own app).

Do note that according to FPS and Bank of England regulations, transactions are routed through network of the big four banks.

Luckily, Tide is tapped into Barclays’ core network. The only delay you could experience is when Barclays FPS network is down for maintenance. But another good thing about Tide is that their team sends prior-announcements on this very forums, whenever that happens.

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Thank you for clarifying!


Glad to help :slight_smile:


I would wait for a reply from a Tide staff member. While those banks who are core members of the FPS process 7 days a week some banks only process on banking days not weekends. So it is best to get official clarification


Sure, I normally receive faster payments immediately, but this payment didn’t come through until 2 hours later so I was wondering if it was down to the holidays but I guess there’s just a short delay in receiving the payments.


The usual processing, even on weekends should not take that long. I have tested this many times with the big four. Even, incoming payment gateway e.g. Paypal transactions arrive on weekends. If the transfers arrives late at Tide (without the aforementioned or below exceptions) then the sending bank didn’t send it on time.

However, special Bank Holidays normally mean special downtime, ergo more delay :sleeping: …

  • 14th April - Good Friday
  • 17th April - Easter Monday



Hi Hodan, Jawaad, Richard,

We are happy to confirm that there is no difference in receiving Faster Payments outside of normal working hours nor on Bank Holidays. The only times that are potentially longer are around midnight each day and on Sunday mornings.

Please also note that Faster Payments can take up to 2 hours 30 minutes to be processed.


Thanks @Valentine_at_Tide for your response.
I can vouch for that.
Up until now, the only delays I have noticed, were from senders’ side.


this is untrue
incoming faster payments received after 6:30 pm on weekdays are queued and processed the next day, incoming payments received after 6:30pm on fridays are processed the following Monday.
Tide needs someone to manually press the button for your money to reach your account.
feel free to change my mind


Hey Daniel, I am sorry to hear you have had a slow clearing payment. Faster Payments are actually processed over the weekend, we have payments processing every 30 minutes. CHAPS payments made after 3pm will wait to be processed on the Monday, sometimes members think they are receiving a faster payment but it is indeed a CHAPS, this is usually to do with the payees bank. If you think you have had a Faster Payment go astray we would always be happy to look for it, however, we operate Monday to Friday working hours for our support team in line with most banks. Feel free to reach out in-app to discuss any specific issues you may have so we can help you get the most out of your account. Thanks Lucinda.


Hi I have just transferred funds into this account to make a payment with the card, it was a instant faster payment, yet it still hasn’t gone in? What’s happening? I can’t contact anyone and I’m sat here waiting in the store to make the payment. Why hasn’t it gone in yet? Thanks. Dan


Hi @bally84,

Faster Payments are normally processed at every 30 minutes and cleared within 2 hours.

If you haven’t received anything outside of this time frame, please reach out to us in the app and a member of the team

Thanks, Waiel


Hi, I’ve had the same problem. I’ve had a payment made to me after 3pm yesterday, which I was told was a same day payment. Nothing received last night, and still nothing today yet. Is there a time today that a faster payment would be due to arrive if made after 3pm yesterday?


I receive most payments around 30mins after they’re sent if not then in around an hour. I would message support about your payment so they can look into it for you.


I asked the in-app support and they said that if its a chaps, it won’t even be processed until 4.10pm today, despite being paid yesterday? Also, I believe it was a faster payment, but as of yet, still not received :frowning:


Oh I’m not sure about chaps, I know faster payments are processed every 30mins. I would also double check that whoever was making you the payment didn’t make a mistake with the account details. Other than that I’m not sure what else can be done, speak to in app support again if you don’t receive it today. Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face: