Receipts attachments no longer show


I’ve just uploaded my receipts from the last month and have noticed that the little camera icon that used to show in the account summary is no longer there.

Why has this been changed? It was a really easy way to see if a receipt had been attached to a transaction


Hi there @blue_star

Thanks for the feedback, I believe the layout of the transaction details has changed somewhat recently, though you should still be able to see the photo of the receipt under the transaction.

If you’re having any trouble with this, my best recommendation is to send out a message to the Member Support team in the app, they’ll be able to give you a bit more specific navigation if you need it!



Hi Obi

Yes I can still see the receipt on each transaction but it was actually a really useful feature to see the icon in the account summary and not have to go into each transaction



Thanks for clarifying a bit, @blue_star!

I’ll definitely pass that along to the team, we do want the app to be as convenient to use as possible.