Reactivating a dormant account and moving account to a new business


HI. I have had a TIDE business account (under my personal name) for the last 18 months or so and have never actually used it since it was set-up. I now have a new Ltd business that I need a business bank account for and am enquiring whether it is possible to change the business to which it’s tied to? If so, I also need to include my co-director as an account holder.
Please come back to me ASAP.

Nick Carus


Hi @ncarus, thanks for getting in touch :slight_smile:. There are different automated checks which take place for limited accounts so we’re unable to transfer the account over. Please get in touch with our Member Support team via the app asking for your Sole Trading account to be closed. You can take out a new limited account straight away using a new email address.
If you need any further assistance please message via our chat, we’d be happy to help!
Thanks, Ali


Hi Ali. Thanks for your reply message. I have sent a message in the general forum similarly to the one that you picked-up and replied to. Is that what you meant? So far I haven’t had a reply.

I need to get the account open as quickly as possible. How can I ensure I get a quick action on this matter?


Hi @ncarus, within the Tide app there is an option at the bottom labelled ‘support’: click on ‘start on a new request’ and briefly describe your request. This will deliver directly to our Member Support team who can assist you :slight_smile:
Thanks, Ali