Quickbooks integration


Ironically there seems to be nothing quick about Tide’s integration with Quickbooks !


Hi @cjpete, @Azusakid,

I can confirm that we’re actively working on it but as you can imagine it is a quite large piece of work on both sides.

Stay tuned, we should have a more precise timeline in a few weeks :slight_smile:


Hi is there an update on this getting very frustrating now having to format CSV files all the time.


Hi @lanspiral, we’re still actively working on the Quickbooks integration. As soon as this feature is ready we will make an announcement to notify all our members :slight_smile:
Thanks, Ali


Thanks Ali.

Have you any idea of time scales however rough.


No worries @lanspiral, we actually had a tweet through from QuickBooks this morning, who confirmed that they’re introducing the banking connection needed to sync with us: https://twitter.com/QuickBooksUK/status/1131470428902383616. As soon as QuickBooks introduces this we’ll be on board!
Thanks, Ali


Hi @Ali-C_at_Tide - we’re a few months on again, do you have an updated timeline on this?

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Hi @cjpete,

I’m happy to confirm that we’re expecting QuickBooks to introduce the banking connection needed to sync with us around mid-September.



Longer than expected, but at least we have a date now! Is that confirmed, mid-September? Thanks!


We received an email yesterday with a link to the Tide Roadmap
Tide Roadmap
and this reply:

It’s definitely on our agenda and something we are currently working on. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can give you a concrete estimation on at the moment but rest assured we are trying our best to improve every feature of the application.

Does this mean there’s no longer a potential for quickbooks integration by mid September?
I’m trying to choose an account that will give the easiest options for accounting etc and Quickbooks integration is a priority for me.


Anyone at TIDE able to reply please?


Hi @Denice, thanks for reaching out. The government deadline for introducing Open Banking is mid-September and we are on track to meet this deadline. We hope that other companies, including Quickbooks, are on track to achieve this deadline, as this will enable us to integrate with several new accounting systems.
We want to make our members aware that this connection is reliant on both parties successfully implementing Open Banking , and cannot work solely with Tide’s API.
Thanks, Ali


Hi @Ali-C_at_Tide
Can you please give an update we are not nearling the end of the month?


Hi @KTM, we are making good progress with our open-banking API, but unfortunately we won’t be ready to integrate as soon as we anticipated. The first element of our open-banking due to launch is our Account Information Services, which will allow us to integrate with Quickbooks. We hope that Quickbooks is also on track, which will allow us to make this integration work.
Our payment developers are working hard to make this happen and we’ll continue to provide updates wherever we can.
Thanks, Ali


What sort of Time line are we thinking been going on a long time now.


Also need this to make full switch to Tide…


Hello Ian,

Sorry for the delayed response. We expect the QuickBooks integration to go live in November.

We will make sure to provide updates whenever we can.



Hi @Borislav_at_Tide

Can you advise if the integration is complete and now live?



Looks like it’s all done :grinning::grinning::grinning::sunglasses:


@waggie.aggie you beat us to it! We’re delighted to announce that our QuickBooks integration is now live! :slight_smile: You can read more in our blog post here.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Thanks, Ali