Quickbooks integration


Is there a date for when the integration will be up and running for Quickbooks. Coming soon really isn’t an answer!


Hi @Azusakid,

We’re in discussions with Quickbooks and are hoping to introduce the integration in the coming months but I’m afraid we can’t give a more precise timeline at the moment.

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.


I’m probably not the first to say, but this can’t happen soon enough.


Registered just to talk about this. Any updates please?


Hi There,

Is there any update on the Quickbook intergration?

Would you be able to keep us up to date on any communications with Quickbooks or any development progress please?




I’d welcome an update on Quickbooks too. Integration cannot come soon enough for me.


Any update on this? Given your own manual export doesn’t even work right I am getting really frustrated by the limitations of the tide account and functionality. Your road map puts it under the long term plan? How can this possibly be? With ‘Making Tax Digital’ upon us in less than a month and Quickbooks being the first to be compliant I don’t understand how they’re so far down your list of priorities?


Hi all,

We’re still in active discussions with QuickBooks and plan to release this very much anticipated integration in the coming months.

I completely understand this is critical to your businesses - please rest assured that the team is on it. We’ll give an update and invite you to test the integration as soon as we’re ready. Stay tuned!

@JJD, could you please give me more details regarding the problems you’re having with the manual export?



Great news.

The manual export comes off in an unrecognised date format. A quick fix in the CSV file sorts it, I’ve reported it to the the technical team a few weeks back but I’m still to hear a response.


Thanks for the precision @JJD I have spoken to the relevant team and can confirm they’re on it!

This should be fixed in a few weeks.


Looking at getting Quickbooks to be MTD-compliant -what’s the quick fix please?


Open the CSV downloaded from Tide web - click the date column, right click, format cells to the chosen convention from quick books and then upload - works a treat