Push Notifications ✅


Fellow Tiders,

For now, Tide still doesn’t have payment notifications. Although you can vote for that feature here.

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping this web app up and running to fill in the gap.

:bell: “Chide” checks for balance changes and alerts you immediately via e-mail on balance changes for your selected Tide accounts:–


66 Tiders have been using the app since it was first created in 2017. And I welcome new folk to come use it.

The app is updated for open banking protocols, so it’s working as of the regulatory changes and is set to continue working. It’s been a 100s hrs project over the last few years.

Thanks for listening.


Thanks for posting about this @harryfear

It’s great to hear of some of the initiative that our members show, I’ve definitely let some of our colleagues know about this, I know that payment notifications has been a very hotly requested feature for some time.