Remember guys…

If you decide to try & blow Up Houses of Parliament & it doesn’t work out… you get your own day in history.

Every cloud.

Lol :laughing: only messing.


I have been watching and reading your comments over the last few weeks and lm not totally convinced you are a real person :joy::joy:
Are you a Tide employee???


Who cam? I did wonder myself


Oscar very acute detective skills, similar to the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

wondering what exactly was it that gave me away?

Perhaps my refusal to join in with the trial by media angry mob? Or the fact I am running on a windows operating system with Tide written across my forehead?


100% Cam is acting covertly to calm the angry mob down, Oliver is that you?


Oh my this just got more amusing…

some one in the bb who doesn’t just follow the masses & their pathetic finger pointing… queue conspiracy theorist angry mob, pitch forks and mob rule, ahhh he’s not like us, throw him in the water see if he swims.

were all talking about sticking together to make a difference… you just highlighted the reasons as to why it’s not possible… attack!!


I dont think he is as he was also on linkdin putting questions to Rishi as i was too and i’m definatley not undercover. I need my feckin bbl!!


Does it even matter if Cam is Oliver?
His messages are on point, so that’s all that matters.
Oliver are you there? lol


Cam - is about one of the most genuine person you’ll ever have the good fortune of encountering. Intelligent, thoughtful & has done an amazing job at trying to keep everyone positive, grounded during this very difficult time. The guy should be at the top of Tide’s list if they ever start lending again - for all the work he has done in championing tide members to MPs.

He’s the real deal and has everyone’s interests at heart. A truly selfless character - with a great sense of humour.

Go Cam Go Cam … ooops I meant Go Ol Go Ol :slight_smile:


Pathetic finger pointing. Really.


Pathetic bank???


considering i’ve been waiting for nearly two days for a simple: you have not received a BBL from Tide confirmation … I would have to say yes PATHETIC


Ive asked for the same thing and all i got was some bull about how they cant provide me with basic confirmation that i have not applied for a bbl.
Lets just say, the tide is going out but wont be coming back in. Fintech banks are not banks, its a joke.
Unless you can run in there with a shotgun and rob them they are not a bank.


Thank you all for joining the discussion.

@pappadontpreach I hope we’ve been able to address your issue already, but if you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We are now able to provide the confirmation as an official confirmation from us on letterhead @Customer745 so if this is something that you need as well, please don’t hesitate to write to us in the app, or let me know here so I can look into it for you.



Hi there @sami22

Apologies for the delay in our response here - to give you an update on our current situation in regard to the BBLS, we are now in conversation with the Treasury about providing direct access to funding, this is the only way Tide will be able to restart lending.

We are working hard behind the scenes and hope the Government will be able to make this change to the Scheme. Whenever there are any developments on this, we’ll be thrilled to announce them!


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