Why will people protest for a man that got killed in America but not for their owed money.
We shouldn’t need bbl. We want equal pay outs to self employed. 7500 and then on august 6800.
Its equal rights. Bbl would help but we want grants not loans.
We should all be protesting against rishi sunaks decisions to not help us out. Just a small portion of what he’s lumping out to every other ducker


I spoke to ExcludedUK about this about 3 weeks ago as I kind of have the opinion as the Tories have backtracked & U turned on so many things so far A protest may be one of the only real ways of being heard.

They agreed but said absolute last option as the public & media will get pissed off with us…

Luckily for us a great deal of people who work in the tv and media have also been excluded and shafted.

On the large part I agree tho mate for sure.

Chanel has 1500 U.K. based employees… the £600m equates to £400,000 per person.


Im really frustrated with it all. As a director of a small limited company i cant get any more help than £575 a month and i work alongside men doing exactly the same job as me, getting paid exactly the same rate of pay but yet they get £7500 furlough and in august a further £6800 will be issued to them. We are all sitting at home and cant work but yet my friends and colleagues are building extensions and buying new cars and im struggling to put food on the table.
Rishi sunak has got a lot to answer for, he has well and truely screwed over the little companies.
Its funny how there is also delays on company tax rebates aswell from HMRC. This will be because they are using our money to pay everyone else


I hear ya.

tbh tho it doesn’t surprise me that it’s happened like this, they’ve helped the “majority” its enough to please the voters, that is all they care for.

just a popularity contest.

Im exhausted much like yourself, still fighting on tho.

ExcludedUK are making headway so let’s keep putting the pressure on, I know it doesn’t feel like it but all the emails to politicians banks etc do work, they cannot ignore endless hounding forever.


Well i have no intention of letting this go, its not fair, its unlawful. Its not fair to also promote bbl’s that are impossible to get for us that banked with tide or cashplus.
It boils my piss the way weve been treated.
They can do what they want and we cant have a say


the trouble with the uk is people will not stand together. If this was another country there would be something happening. If everyone refused to pay their tax or told the government they are getting what we want to pay, they would cry and send bailffs and court orders but when they do it its ok? I hate feeling like this and if i had the bbl i probably would of just got on with it but every avenue i explore is a dead end so im angry :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:



Wholeheartedly agree mate, I’ve had some dark times last 3 months but I’m really refusing to wallow in it (minus the odd wobble here & there).

This government are a bunch of sneaky blyters and I’ve never been a fan, if I could see one good thing out of this it would be that more people are starting to see it.

But anyways.

I was thinking I could put a template together tomorrow for us all to just fill in the gaps & start sending out on a daly basis.

Straight up if every mp gets 100 emails a day every day and the bbb and the treasury- they’ll have to pull their fingers out.

Have you joined the group Matt set up ?


The government know what’s going. O n nUnfortunately because we are surrounded by people who play down tax returns etc we all suffer. Tide if true put us in as applications is illegal I’ve advice on this… Not once have I signed or declared any earnings to tide. So how they can put application on your be half is illegal… I believe they know this. Obi s last response let us resolve this. My application is going through with HSBC with feeder account. I’ve already informed my mp. This is very serious. Absolutely major fail by the bbb and tide


Bernie madoff :laughing: steady on mate Bernie madoff stole & lost $300b

I still genuinely think they’ve had good intentions I just think they’ve mangled up right royally


3m people refusing to pay tax…

Even just threatening to stop paying tax would make this government take notice.

Dominic Cummings might start to question how clever he is if that development came about.

Government are only powerful for as long as the people are complicit… tbh with you I’d say there would even be support from people who haven’t been excluded, not everyone is selfish and in it for themselves.


We as company directors out number the government, the police, we could do anything we wanted as long as we all stick together. We are an army and they ckuld not beat us, we could control HMRC if we jusg stuck together. Together we are mighty powerful, me alone, im nothing


You are not doing yourself a service by using that language. You are just alienating those people who are not Labour supporters.
For you Mr Cumming is a t***. For me he is defo NOT. Just leave the politics outside and you might get a chance of better support.
Peace :slight_smile:


I edited it for you.

Imo he’s a sneaky little melon but ofc everyone is entitled to an opinion.

No offence meant, just something I am passionate about.


I do love a good swearing rant


It is important to press Oliver first to promise on behalf of Tide that new wave of lending will be cover all least all the people on a list already, (If they get access to gov funds).

No criteria apart those stated publicly on British Business Bank should apply.

If this point is not pressed now they will find some excuses to lend using own feeling :stuck_out_tongue:


Rishi sunak is the only man to blame


I write an email every week to my mp. I urge everyone to do the same. Pls do it.


Your 100% right. I have vowed to myself, if i do not get any help at i will not be paying my tax bill. I am still waiting for my tax rebate, as we get stopped 20% at source. This payment keeps getting further and further delayed. When they want money they want it instantly plus interest. Rishi sunak will be sitting in one of his properties enjoying life where as people like us that have worked hard and put into the system are struggling. If i was an syrain refugee id be getting more help. Who are we though?, we dont get a say, tide have used us to get numbers on their system, the government are using us to fund this bullshit and they have drove the economy into the ground. Killed off all the small companies to make may for the big boys. This is the future, money will not exist everything will be digital. Drug dealers will be using gold, over the last 10 years there have been gold shops everywhere buying up all the gold, this was the government buying the gold to take the majority out of circulation. Gold is going to go through the roof when they announce that money will be fazed out. Andrew Bailey has said that money is going to be fazed out over the coming years


we need to make a stand, all get together, no1 wants to take on the government. Strength in numbers



This ExcludedUK group will probably turn into a protest imo it’s needed soon & from there it’ll be a protest refusal to pay tax.

Not just filing minimal tax tho as they won’t / don’t know that’s happening, it would have to be everyone refusing to file at all, it’s illegal but it’s the only way they will take note & it’ll only happen if everyone sticks together.

Hopefully it won’t get that far as it’ll be sorted, but imo just the possibility of 3m people taking that stance they would be forced to take more notice.

People sticking together for a common objective have all the power.