Proposed Solution for Cheques: Mobile Cheque Imaging


I know Tide don’t support processing paper cheques, but much as most of us would like to just refuse to accept cheques, the current reality is that for many of us cheques are inescapable.

For me personally, many of my customers are retirees who are not tech savvy, who do not trust online banking, and for whom paying be cheque is the only solution. I would love to move to Tide full time, but until I have a solution for accepting cheques this is not possible.

It occurred to me that using Mobile Cheque Imaging that should be coming to most backing apps in 2018 might provide a solution.

What do you think?

More information here:


I think its a good idea. Very rarely will I ever receive a cheque but for those who do so often this is a good digital solution.


Absolutely agree. I have several customers who will only pay by cheque, and worse, some of them will refuse to make a cheque payable to anything other than the company name on the invoice. As it stand, I have no way to cash these!

When my local personal bank is outdoing Tide in terms of digital cheque processing it’s a worry! Why can I pay in a cheque using my personal banks app, but not with Tide? We’re supposed to be on the bleeding edge here aren’t we?


Yep, use this with Barclays and it’s so convenient. Wish they’d hurry up and accept other bank’s cheques.


Does it also work for paying in postal orders?


looks good I have one customer who had bank info spoofed and will only pay by cheque. Paying it into my personal account then transferring the money to my Limited Companies (tide) is far from ideal


Hi @straddle, thanks for sharing your suggestion - I think this is a great idea. Although we don’t have any plans to accept cheques, we could potentially consider/explore this option in the future. I’ll be sure to share this with the rest of the Tide team :smiley:


I really don’t get it. Tide clearly state no cheques. If you need to accept cheques why on earth did you choose Tide for your business banking.


100% agree with Olly


B already offer this up to £500.


Please do consider it as I’ve said above. I have one client who refuses to do anything but issue cheques. I may have to go back to Santander if this feature will never be available


Hi Viktoria,

What should I do with a cheque written to my business Digital Bubble Media? I can’t deposit it into my personal account which is in my name.

If I bring it to Tide office would you be able to process it?


Hi there - unfortunately, there’s no way for us to process cheques at all. Would you be able to go back to your client and request that the cheque is re-issued in your personal name?