Product Roadmap



You’ve made several references to your Product Roadmap (examples), but I don’t think any of us have actually seen it!

It’d be really really great if you could follow the excellent example of transparency shown by Monzo and make this publicly visible with vague timescales.

This is Monzo’s:

They do also have this one, though I’m not sure it would be particularly useful for Tide:


Hi James, thank you very much for your feedback! We hope to share a roadmap later in the year but we’re still using the feedback of our Founder Members to shape it at the moment :slight_smile:

We would love to hear your suggestions! You can either post here on the community or reach out to one of our Founder Member managers through our in-app chat to do so.


If you share something like Trello, the idea is that it can be changed and updated as time goes on, so you don’t have to stick to it 100% or be sure that it is final.


Would be great to see the roadmap as we just started developing our first Banking App.


Has this been shared yet - I’ve just signed up and I’d be really interested to see and understand whats coming and roughly when



This is exactly what I was talking about here


Hi all,

Thank you for your contribution to the community forum! It’s great to hear your feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:

As we are still iterating our plans in response to our Founder Members feedback, we have decided not to share a roadmap this year, but I am happy to confirm that forex and multi-user are the most immediate priorities.


Hi are there any updates on standing orders with tide ?


Hi @RCORD, we’re working hard to introduce this feature, although we haven’t announced a timetable for doing so. Appreciate your patience in the meantime :slight_smile:


Hello Members!

Happy to let you know that you can now see our Product Roadmap here :slight_smile:

You can also tell us what you think here!


Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that our product roadmap is now interactive!

You can check out our Trello product roadmap and vote for Tide’s new features here :slight_smile: