Product Roadmap: Your Monthly Update


At the beginning of this year, we posted our first product roadmap, with details of what we’d delivered in recent months, and what we planned to do further down the line. This updated roadmap shows progress, as well as some changes to when we anticipate releasing certain features.

Thanks again for your input and support – we plan to continue providing updates on a monthly basis. Share your thoughts below!


Good to see that Standing Orders have been pushed back to Long Term. They were expected shortly when I signed up almost a year ago and still not in place.


Thanks for the update on the roadmap.

It great to see Tide communicating with members.

While I appreciate some of the updates may not be what people want to hear, it’s good none-the-less to know how things are going.

Even better to know this will now be a monthly update!


REALLY looking forward to IBAN payments - will mean we can finally leverage Facebook for fundraising! :slight_smile:


Hi @DCStratus,
I am sorry to hear that you’re disappointed. I completely understand your frustrations but I can assure you that the team are on it. We know it’s a critical feature for some of our members and we’ll update the community as soon as they’re ready. Let me know if you’ve any other questions, I’d be happy to help.


Hi @Viktoria_at_Tide and @Valentine_at_Tide.

I’ve not been able to view either of your roadmaps in the last few days. Are you able to republish them or provide an updated link please?

product-roadmap - “This page isn’t working - redirected you too many times.” in Chrome

product-roadmap-monthly-update - “This page could not be found”. Looks like a 404 page



Hi @rpowis, thanks for reaching out and well spotted! We’re on it :wink:

In the meantime, you can also see our roadmap on our blog here.

Let me know if you’ve any questions, I’d be happy to help!