Problems with card payment and direct debit


Had these issues for over a week without much helpful replies from support.

Issues with paying EE-mobile bills with the card, also direct debit failed to be set up.
Spoke to EE and was told it’s declined from the bank side.

Any ideas? anyone?



Actually knowing previous issues with EE and accounts at other new banks like Fidor, Monzo, Monese etc the problem is probably down to them. They have a BIN number database of card prefixes but do not update it regularly. They also have a database of sortcodes and again do not update it regularly. Therefore card transactions and direct debit set up for new banks often fails until they finally get around to uploading a newer copy of these databases on their servers.


Most banks and businesses do rely on the Sort Code Directory (otherwise known as ISCD) as @MIROW states. Its copy may or may not be up-to-date due to a number of reasons for a business.

The directory is maintained by VocaLink, which is owned by MasterCard, which is also a co-owner of PrePay Solutions – the e-money provider that Tide partners with! So, PPS’s sort code is already in the directory but apparently not in the copy that most companies keep until they update it.


Thanks for the answers guys, since then I’ve changed our mobile provider from EE, but not solely due to this issue.

So this is what I found out after 5 calls with them, maybe this is some help to other customers who’s trying to use Tide with EE, basically they can’t process the payment and they’re not aware of the issues mentioned above, unfortunately they can’t even manually charge to the Tide mastercard

I don’t know if there’s anything more Tide can do to to raise this issue with EE or other companies who’s not updated their database, as I’ve not had these issues with Monzo, perhaps it’ll be fixed over time.


I had similar problems with my Fidor card on my personal account. I could not use my debit card to pay online at places like Argoscard until some months passed and they finally updated their card database. Fidor also had this problem when people tried to set up direct debits and firms had not updated their sortcode database. It took nearly a year to get some to update! Hopefully these issues with Tide will pass in time. But as for EE they are a pain to get thru to anyone who is not just reading off a script :slight_smile:


This is still an issue. Just to tried to pay EE using the Tide Mastercard and then setting up Direct Debt. Both failed.


Strange… EE just took my Direct Debit from my Tide account a few days ago. I simply called EE CS about 10 days ago, said I want to change the DD details on my EE account. Agent took the details and all sorted.


That is very odd, as I tried again last week with EE CS to pay via Tide MasterCard and set up a DD without any luck!


Hi @JoanneRose,

Sorry to hear this! Could you maybe call an EE agent like @DS4A, so they can further assist?


Hi @JoanneRose, what reason do EE CS give for not being able to setup the DD when you speak to them?

You can also change a DD via the web portal with EE:

1.) Log in at
2.) Select the ‘Menu’ side tab (near the top left).
3.) Select 'Bills & Payments’
4.) Scroll down on newly displayed page to the three tabs Bills | Direct Debit | Payment History
5.) Select 'Direct Debit’
6.) Click on ‘Edit’, change the releaent info, save and that’s it.

If you don’t have a MyEE account it’s easy to set one up.

All I needed to give was my account number, sort code and account name. That was it, all sorted.

What reason do they give for not being able to process payment via your Tide Mastercard, it’s just a normal Mastercard, nothing special, just got Tide on the front instead.

Maybe time to escalate the problem to an EE manager?


Thanks for the reply, but I have tried the method you described about 3 times on the EE portal. Also, I have spoken to EE customer services and tried to set up the DD that and it just simply fails. Also, I tried to use the Tide MasterCard online and on the phone with EE and that fails as well. To clear the balance I then paid with my personal card and set up a DD with my personal account, both work instantly.

Tide customer services have stated in regards to EE:

It appears that this is an issue with EE, as they do not accept direct debits to be set up with Tide accounts. _

Are you able to make the payment via payment transfer from their account, using EE’s account details?

In regards to the Tide MasterCard it is different, as its a pre-paid card and not a debt card:

Hi Joanne, thanks for getting in touch.

Tide cards aren’t accepted by self-service payment machines (e.g. car parks, train stations, and fuel pumps). However, they will be accepted at a manned desk.

_Apologies for any inconvenience caused. _

Thanks Emma - Help Team


Did you ever resolve this? I’ve included a screen shot of our Tide DD setup in MyEE. So the only thing that would be different would be your account number?7