Problems logging into accounts


Hi - I am having problems logging into my account via the app. Anyone else? Could tide reply to this message ASAP. Thanks.


Same problem here - getting “Account connection failure” error in app.


Hello, our cloud provider is currently experiencing an unexpected outage. We are monitoring the situation and are hopeful that the issue will be resolved shortly. We will keep all our members updated with any news we receive.


Yes, same but it did get in then the app behaved very oddly.
Tried to make a payment, kept failing.


We are sorry to hear that. We will keep on monitoring the situation.


please let us know when it is back


We will definitely make sure to inform you.


I was advised to delete and restore the app now it won’t let me restore my account will this be ok once this issue is resolved


Hello, once the app is running, you can go through the account recovery process and gain access back to the account.


Do we have an eta on the app being back up?


As this is an external issue, we are unable to provide an ETA. We do hope to be able to provide more information soon.


Is it expected to be this working day?


We do hope so, however, we cannot guarantee.


Same here - cant get in to my account - had to get link to log in here.


Is there any other ways to log on


Same here connection problems at first. Just received an email from tide confirming outage.

Very annoying as I had banking to do today.


This is what I done, deleted the app and downloaded it again, it then said it could take 2 hours to verify.
was very buggy in loading and sending verification codes.

had to do everything lots of times wouldn’t recognise my mobile number as a number.


It told me it was unable to verify so you got further than me lol


Is anyone app work again ? As mine is still down


All back to normal now for me.