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Morning I have had my premium service taken away from me as I missed payment I was left £900 overdrawn I have paid this back know can I please have my premium service back please as my business needs this


Hi there @Wheatley75

Thank you for reaching out about this - I’ll pass this along to the relevant team, as the Premium service is not entirely within my field of expertise!

I can see that you also have a thread open with the team in the in-app chat as well, I’d recommend getting back to them as well so that we can look into this for you.



I have tried I have had premium service since it was launched as you can see I have paid back the full amount not on my account I rely on this overdraft for my business
Can you please chase this up for me



I myself can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to reinstate the Premium service for you, but I’ve let the team know about your situation.



When will this be sorted I have been good premium customer I missed one payment then you take it away as you can see I have paid this back surely this tells you that i am good customer

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