Pre-Approved bounce back loan


Have anyone already been pre-approved for the bounce back loan on the app?
Mine isn’t showing anything


Same here. Unaware where it’s going to show etc.
I believe they have only today been approved for this?


When did you create the account, recently?


December I opened mine


Hi @Matt2020, @James2908

We’ve been accredited to deliver Bounce Back Loans to our members. We’re working with the British Business Bank to get the loans up and running and we’ll start delivering Bounce Back Loans early next week.

You can register your interest via our dedicated page:



Yes I’ve already registered all I want to know will it show today if I’ve been pre approved, if not when?


Thanks. Do you know the timescale from the offer to getting funds?
In a sink or swim situation!


What documents will be required. Do you need these before being pre approved. I am sure there are a lot of people that want to be prepared and ready to go once you are live tomorrow.


Mate by the looks of it, this is going to be a joke, looks like they’re only going to approve who they want, nobody should be pre approved, everyone should be entitled to the loan if they meet the small criteria the government has set, not what tide decide.


I agree. Another Starling scenario.


I’ve tried a feeder account with HSBC, complete joke, but Ulster bank seem a lot better requested one on Monday called back Friday and chased it up they said it should be done by Wednesday if not to call back…atleast they’re giving a time scale may be worth a try, I can see tide if you manage to get accepted not giving what you request.


Thanks. Will have a look at that then. I dont understand tide being able to make you an offer . I thought it was 25% of turnover regardless. I notice Tide have not answered my questions on here either. Starling have messages someone and told them they only refuse fraufulant claims. Im 13yrs a Driving Instructor. Its a joke


It’s pathetic mate, my expected income for the next 12 months would of been a lot higher than previous as new contracts etc but coronavirus has stopped this, so I imagine tide would only offer 25% of what they seen going into the bank, which makes no sense, they’re making it up as they go along, I will be contacting Ulster bank toMorrow, I will let you know the outcome


I think the best thing now is to move to another bank. It’s just a complete joke.


Anybody been pre-approved yet?


No, still waiting. They are not responding to chats.


Not heard anything. But surely there shoudl just be an “online application” form one can complete and NOT have to wait for them to somehow “pre-approve”. I would have thought more efficient for people to apply and then Tide says yes/no and what amount etc. They ahve taken a long time to get approved so I would hope, now the “ball in Yide’s court” they can really get moving.


Yes I asked a question 3 days ago and nobody has even picked it up yet. Another yesterday and same story… Another disappointing day with the BBLS!


Don’t hold your breath. Tide can’t even be bothered to reply to ANY chats at all. So I doubt they will even approve a tenth of the required loans. I am guessing they are only replying to PREMIUM members , the ones that pay £50.00 per month and have a dedicated manager.
HONESTLY the BBLS is turning into a joke.


Why cant someone just tell us what is going on here? No reply to messages and no communication @tide what is happening?