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You are just not answering the questions we are asking. Let me simplify it for you.

Why have you not even got through the first days registrations?

Why are the list position’s you are giving out not corresponding with the dates and times of registration. Massive differences all over social media.

but why wasn’t Tide ready for the logistics to give loans, since they ‘‘worked’’ so hard to be accredited ? when you make your application to bank of England, you must say to your team ‘’ guys build me the sistem when we are approved, to give loans’’ or you dont have the funds to give the loans ? the investors are not keen to cash in more money ? with all this madnes and not comunicating properly and not clear i dont think youl have a long life on the market, as well the register you interest list, total bollocks

This is Prepaid bank. A toy bank. BOE will not lend them as BOE consider them as a risk!
Move on people.

i saw that review in trustpilot, if its a prepaid bank, it can be risky for all of us

I had mine tide bank account since july2017. “FOUNDEr MEMBER” whatever the shit means…
I cannot see any future of my business with tide. no facilities…
Im on the process of transferring my card machine payouts and direct debits to Transferwise. way way way better.

Don’t read too much into the prepaid bank comments. All banks are prepaid banks. You open an account at any bank and you have to put funds into it (pre pay) before you can spend any money.

The structure of Tide as a business is not the issue. All challenger banks are in a similar position and don’t have direct access to BoE lending. The government should have forced all banks to lend to non-customers as part of the BBL regulations.

I joined the waiting list at 21.55 on the 11th and got told on monday i’m 28954 on the list. But i’m seeing a couple of people who joined after that who are 18000 and 8000. How does that work?? Surely i was one of the first on the list!?!

Definiely not ,Other banks, you have overdraft, business loans,busienss Credit cards and etc… your debit card is accepted in apple pay, samsung pay, google pay. IBAN, and etc… your business has future in fully licensed bank.

with Tide none of those exist. that is why iTide is under PREPAY TECHNOLOGY becuase it is prepaid card. There is no future here in this Toy bank… I cannot see the Point clinging on to them. and they keep advertising in APP to upgrade to Pro Plus… NO WAY!

They can’t even compete with Tranferwise… with Iban, mulitcurrency, boarderless buisness debit card, direct debit and etcc…

Tide can certainly upgrade themselves and being fast and efficient in distributing BBL would have been one way to start. But falling at the first hurdle

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10 days later

I understand organisations go through hick ups when setting up a new system in unfamiliar territory, BUT why apply as a lender in the first place? It doesnt make sense. So what happens if Tide doesnt end up getting the funds?

Other banks like Metro, that joined after seem to have stabilised their operations and they were accredited after

Hi ,
The BBL position in the fabulous list not provided to all customers. I try to get my number in the waiting list from car agents . Their reply was all over place but never provided me with that fabulous number.
Am I special or I need to ask a certain question to get that number?
Many thanks
CET Consulting LTD

Hi @Omashy,

As I have explained on other threads here on the community, we understand that Bounce Back Loans are vital for a lot of our members. We made the decision to apply to become an accredited lender because we are passionate about helping the SME community and wanted to help lend these much needed funds to our members.

Less than a month into issuing loans we have raised and lent over £50m in Bounce Back Loans - a significant amount for a business of our size. We’re now in the process of raising hundreds of millions of pounds more and hope to have this funding agreement in place soon so we can lend to many more of you.

I’m sure you understand that funding agreements of this magnitude take time, and this is why we have been unable to give our members a timeline for when we will be able get Bounce Back Loans to them.

As we explained when members joined our waiting list, we can’t guarantee we will be able to lend to every eligible business on our waiting list.

We’ll keep you updated and, as we said in our previous communications, we encourage members to consider other options as well as a Bounce Back Loan from Tide.


Hi Valentine. I know this is like asking how long is a piece of string. But realistically is the next stage likely to be days, weeks or potentially months. It gone very quiet since the last update.

Hi @Ebi,

We’re building an online tracker so you’ll be able to easily review your status. We’re about to beta launch it with a few members to make sure it works as we want it to and we’ll then share it with all our members.

We’ve been letting people know their place on the list, however this was a manual short-term solution and many members have been asking for daily updates which is causing delays in our response times and leaving members frustrated that we’re not going as fast as they’d like.

This self service tool, that we’re hoping to launch soon, will provide your position on the waitlist, so we hope this will bring clarity.

Thanks for your patience,

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