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I hope everyone is well.

I have been told that I am position 28,265 in the BBL Queue.

Does anyone have an idea on what that means as a time frame ?


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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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Unfortunately, as Tide won’t give us details of where they are up to and the time ech takes to process there could be 28,264 people in front of you or 1. There is absolutely no way to tell.

Welcome to the frustrating world of Tide Bounce Back Loans.

When did you join the waiting list? and how did you find out your position?

Tide has ran out of funds and they are currently trying to get more funds. This is what they told someone on facebook today morning.

Thanks for your reply Mark.

I joined the waiting list on the 19th and I asked the question on the chat and was told the answer.

I guess it will be another 3-4 weeks before we see anything.

Hope you and your business are still going ok.


I just remain mystified why there is even a queue. Other lenders just put an online application form up, people fill it in, the lender checks it and if all ok, sends out documentation and then transfers the funds. There may be a delay while the lender reviews the form the customer filled it, but there is no queue to just fill in the form initially. Surely Tide can just have an online form, people fill it in and then they go through the forms and distribute funds. If the business meets the BBB eligibility criteria it gets the money. If not, it does not. Surely simple??

I joined the waiting list on the 15th and I’m 37,624 on the list so I’m not sure how that works! Supposedly it’s a queue based on when you registered but clearly not.

I joint on the 12th at 8am when i received the email, and was told 21318 in the app, demanded to speak to a manager and he said its 28365, and wont accept theres a problem or internal fraud happening, totally mistified how they can do this to there customers. No wages for last month for the workers because of all this, they reckon they are going through them in order if registration and haven’t got through the first day yet. Truth is its just a massive lie. Which you cant go around doing.

I joined on the 18th at 12:30 and was position 28183 on the 29th.
Asked again last night and still the same position a week later…

Joined on 11/05 around 8pm and am over 36000.
My partner joined about one hour later than me and is below 7000.
Those numbers mean really nothing…

Bizarre how im in the same position as you registering a week before and being less than jade who registered on the 11th. So there is actually no list that corresponds to registration date.

It’s all utterly rudiculous. I appreciate they dont have an easy task, but theres no clarity, every response is just copy and pasted. This is supposed to be quick access, i own a number of bars and the BBL would have kept me afloat, already having to shut one down, if this isnt sorted soon I’ll be out of business completely, i cant even tell staff and creditors an estimate of when i can pay them to keep the wolves from the door. Just being able to give an estimate of “next month” would be helpful even, but at the moment i cant say this week or even this year with any confidence

I registered interest on the 15th and possition is 21733. it would be interesting to know the position of anyone already given the BBL.

Hi all,

I have explained this in another thread but wanted to comment here too.

As we highlighted in our latest blog post, offering these loans is completely new to us. Because of this and many variables that are explained in the blog post, we haven’t been able to confirm dates to offer you these loans. However we do want to give more visibility to you which is why we’re building an online tracker that will allow you to easily review your status.

We’ll also be sharing another update from our CEO, Oliver, soon to provide information around the amount we have lent. We know this has been asked a few times now so we’re looking forward to sharing it with you and hope it brings more clarity.

Thanks for your patience,

You are just not answering the questions we are asking. Let me simplify it for you.

Why have you not even got through the first days registrations?

Why are the list position’s you are giving out not corresponding with the dates and times of registration. Massive differences all over social media.

but why wasn’t Tide ready for the logistics to give loans, since they ‘‘worked’’ so hard to be accredited ? when you make your application to bank of England, you must say to your team ‘’ guys build me the sistem when we are approved, to give loans’’ or you dont have the funds to give the loans ? the investors are not keen to cash in more money ? with all this madnes and not comunicating properly and not clear i dont think youl have a long life on the market, as well the register you interest list, total bollocks