Personal accounts


Hi is there a\ option to also create personal accounts as well as business accounts?

I would like to setup the accounts today !


Hi Len,

We only offer business current accounts. Let us know if you’ve any other questions about Tide. We’d be happy to help!


If you need a personal account consider Starling Bank, Monzo Bank or Monese.


I’m looking to move all my personal accounts to tide also, I’m with high street bank.
(From you reply I cannot)

So why would I want to use another company ? whole point of tide is it’s online capabilities & competitive fees… and management of money at a glance…click of button … that’s why i’m trying to setup business accounts for both companies


If I understand Len’s perspective he’s making a mega point that Tide would be wise to consider. The big four have never really addressed the fact that a business customer is also a retail customer; the user experience provided for both is typically dramatically different and from a customer’s point of view it’s like you’re dealing with two complete unconnected service providers when you bank with the same brand as a business entity and an individual. One of the key reasons that business online banking is typically not as good as retail is numbers; retail banking is the focus for the big banks and they invest less in business customers. But for Tide, who already invest in the business customer’s user experience to offer personal banking on the same platform would be immensely beneficial to customers.


I agree i think tide should consider offering personal accounts (if only to their business users).