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I have just tried to connect my TIDE bank account with Paypal but it’s not allowed. I called them up and apparently I am unable to transfer Paypal Funds to a TIDE bank account. Since I take in excess of £1.2k per week from Paypal this is a serious flaw in my plan to move my business banking to Tide.

On looking through the forum for info on this, It seems that many people are able to transfer funds from Paypal to Tide.

What is the trick? If I can’t integrate paypal payments I will have to stay with HSBC which I don’t want to do.

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    Jun '19
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Hi @JuliaB, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues. As you said, many of our customers are able to use Paypal with Tide. Sometimes Paypal just require an Account Verification letter from us, confirming that Tide is a business current account. I recommend getting in touch via the in-app chat with more details about the message you are receiving from Paypal, and if you need a verification letter our Member Support team would be happy to supply this :slight_smile:.
Thanks, Ali

Paypal have told me that it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to pay an online bank - against their policy - not possible …

This is why I am confused because I see lots of people saying they are paying into TIDE via Paypal, but apparently I can’t do it because Paypal said no ?

I’m a bit baffled. I have sent a message to the in-app chat but have not received a response and was wondering if there is anybody in the community who can give me a first hand account of how to do this?

I can’t possibly use Tide if I cant send my weekly paypal takings to the bank account. It seems utterly ridiculous since Paypal itself is an online banking service with no branches!! (their excuse for not allowing ‘digital banks’)

So it turns out that Paypal say absolutely NO to transferring funds from Paypal to Tide, verification letter or not. The fact that nobody from the community has been able to offer any tips on how to navigate this problem and that TIDE personnel seem to be extremely unclear and badly informed, I think we can safely surmise that in fact all the very scant information on this topic is totally false and misleading and I am extremely disappointed. There’s no way I can operate a business account that cannot accept payments from Paypal so I have no choice but to close it.