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I have had a payment stuck in pending for 3 days now and also no payments coming in.
You said in private message that there was an outage this morning and yet still not resolved or updated me as to what is happening. When is this likely to be fixed? 3 days now. I need to pay someone urgently, its stuck in pending and I can’t do anything they are chasing me.

Thank you for reaching out @steve13

The outage that affected some payments took place in Saturday, and we’re still working with our partners to see it completely resolved. In the case of payments that are pending, it will likely take some time for them to expire.

I completely understand how frustrating this must be and we’ll do our best to get this sorted as soon as possible.


What does that mean - expire. Will it go back in my account or onto the payee… Please be clear

Apologies! It’s a step that comes up quite often with payments like this internally, I understand how it might not be immediately clear!

When a payment is pending, the funds are still in the account, but have been set aside in expectation of the payment’s completion. If the payment is then expired - the funds are simply released back into the available balance.

In a word, they would appear back in your account.


So it’s Friday now, the day Tide promised the money would be back in my account - £7000. It’s still showing as pending. I went last Saturday to buy a new van for work. The card payment machine declined my payment twice at the car showroom, however on app showed it had left my account balance. Very embarrasing… As a friend had driven me over an hour & a half to get to the garage. 3hr round trip.

I have sent many messages to them. Obviously a very delayed reply - starts by saying it would probably come back to me. Then they changed their language to definitely would come back to me. But I would have to wait a week to find out. A week!

Well I have now waited till the day they promised it would come back to my account and nothing, sent messages to Tide and no reply after 2.5 hours. Tide seem to have lost £7000 of my money and don’t really seem interested in finding it or returning it back to me so that I can buy a van for work. I’m not sure the wait and see what happens approach is very business like…

Also, to add to this - a customer paid about £2000 via bank transfer to my Tide account on Sunday, this still hasn’t arrived in account after 6 days. Normally takes a few hours at most. Tide told me I had to wait 3-5 days. now at 6. still no reply to message sent 2.5 hours ago.

I’m sure they will give me a standard answer to all this. Looks like I’ll be moving my business account…

Now 6 hours since I sent a message chasing at 8am this morning. Still no reply.

With all due respect I’ve already waited two months. Now that time period is ridiculous, I need more information then this, what I hate is company’s who do this, talk all the talk but when it comes to getting your money back that’s the longest process. Obi I say this with respect I have patiently been waiting I now am at the stage that I have to put m kids first. I don’t do excuses but it seems to be that way with tide.

I have had a email saying my account is closed and they want to send me back my money. I replied with my bank details to put the funds in. Showed my proof of bank statement within the last 3 months. Now when am I getting my money. And from the looks of things tide don’t handle things the way they should. I wouldn’t want to think this is the case. My name is Daniel Eduardo and my business is Eduardo Records Limited. Can you get back to me ASAP please my email is [email protected] or via this application

Is there anyway you can look into my case. I have my case reference number. I need more of a accurate answer for what’s going on ? Nothing about what’s been said is really for me. I just need my funds. I have two grown daughters to provide for and there are only so much I can do before needing to rely on myself.

This is more stress then I need. Please

1 month later

I have a pending payment and it has not gone through can you help me

Hello @Martin26

Thank you for contacting us.

We can see that our team has been in touch with you yesterday to confirm that the case has been resolved.

Let me know if you need any further assistance or have questions.