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Tide customer service is abysmal!

Opened a new business bank account. Tried to make payment which has not been authorised. This is a very important payment. No idea why the payment has not been authorised. Awaiting contact or message from Tide but nothing.

A bank that cannot facilitate or approve basic transactions and then doesn’t contact customers or allow customers to make contact to resolve the issue is terrible.

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    Sep '20
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    Sep '20
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Hello @S_tide,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Our support team contacted you via the in-app chat and will work with you until the case is resolved.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.



The service is not good enough. The response received is unhelpful and abysmal to say the least.

People are trying to run a business. As a bank you should be communicating better and resolving payment issues swiftly and effectively.

We are not paying for groceries in a supermarket, this is a business deal in jeopardy because Tide is NOT providing the basic service expected

Hi there,

I’m glad to see that the team were able to address this matter so you could complete the transaction in question.

It’s our mission to support our members, occasionally we will need to perform some additional checks on some transactions as part of our regulatory requirements. We try to keep this process as quick as possible, so as not to disrupt our members’ activities needlessly.

Please don’t hesitate to let the team know if you need anything further at all.