Payment issues


I was expecting payment from an agency who have confirmed that my account has been credited with over 2000 pounds, unfortunately this has not shown up in my account.I tried using the chat line two of your colleagues came up asking about method of payment expected even though the payment to this company has been made to my account on several occasions.I also tried paying money out of the tide account but nothing has happened for nearly 24hours.
The above is very frustrating and merits a quick response as need an explanation as to what is going on
My mobile number is 07958488023.
kind regards


Hi @godfrey - thanks for getting in touch.

I believe our Member support team has reached out this morning in regards to this!

CHAPS payments received before 3pm will be processed on the same working day. Any payments made after this time will be processed on the next working day from 4:10pm.



Have just been informed that CHAPS payment that was meant to be made into my account by locum staffing last week via hsbc but was declared as a suspected fraudulent transaction as tide as a bank was not recognised.I would like my bank Tide to have a word with hsbc.
It appears locum staffing have now change the form of payment into BACS and can now see this reflecting on the account after a long battle.
THE company needs some money to sort out few things and the above transaction delays have caused us some remarkable constraints.
I hope my bank tide will release some cash as requested this morning to clear some outstanding payments without delay.
kind regards