Payment declined for security reasons on Alibaba


I’m trying to make a payment for stock. It’s time sensitive transaction that needs to be unblocked today. I’ve sent a message in the app but no one is getting back to me. You need to help your current customers do business rather than profiting on the new customers signing up for BBL’s.
Can someone fix this issue on my account? The business name is Lazy Media Group LTD.


Hi there @Adorn

Thank you for letting us know about this - we do occasionally make checks on transactions as a routine matter and we try to keep them brief.

The team are looking into the message that you’ve sent us and will get back to you in the app in more detail shortly.



Hi, no one has got back to me yet. I need to make this payment today. It’s severely impacting my business as it’s time sensitive. Can you fast track this ticket? It’s a completely unacceptable feature to stop people from spending their own money.