Payment Categories seem like a bit of an unusable mess with faulty UI


Android Version 9
Tide 2.41.4

Issue 1

When I make an invoice (via my phone) and get to the bit where I can select a category it only displays three options the premade Sales, Loan and my own Studio tags. Studio was the first category tag I ever made. The list does not appear to expand beyond three. There is no means to scroll/swipe through the additional categories that I know exist.

I can see the +Add button but that only asks me to create a brand new category, which I don’t need to do, as they already exist but are not visible/accessible in the invoice creation flow.

Issue 2

When I use the category +add button (mid Invoice creation) I can select a name and colour for the new category but there is no option on the UI to select the In/Out specification. By looking at the global set of Categories in More > Transactions > Categories I can see that the ones I’ve created apparently default to Out.

Why is the UI not showing In/Out option whilst making a category?

Issue 3

If I create a Category in More > Transactions > Categories it actually does give me the option to choose In/Out specification. However, once I’ve made the category, if I attempt to edit it I can no longer see or choose the In/Out specification.

Issue 4

In More > Transactions > Categories.

I can see the assorted In/Out categories. However, clicking on any of them does not provide me with the option to change the payment direction from in to out or vice versa. I can only edit the name and colour.

Why does it look different on my screen (without the In/Out edit feature) to the FAQ page here? - Editing your saved categories

Issue 5

There are plenty of useless categories in More > Transactions > Categories but I can see no means to delete any of them.

How can I delete them?

Basically, the whole thing seems like a mess and I cannot see a workaround.

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