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Hi i have been with tide for a few months never ever had any issues very good simple banking service but today when i tried to do a transfer it said payment blocked for security i sent a message they told me they will be in touch been many hours now nobody has got in touch

Business name lav discount store

Thanks! Hoping to update with a resolved here!

Still nothing i messaged in app again they told me to wait till somebody contacts me i have supplier comming in 2-3 hours hope it will be resolved by then dont want to be dissapointed to them also

Had to owe the supplier told them id pay them back today but still no replies contacted them in app again got told the relevant team will contact me
Dont let me down tide…

Thank you for letting us know about this @Lavdiscount

I’ve just chased this up with the responsible team and asked them to give the checks on these payments priority - the checks are a necessary process for us, but we never want them to be disruptive.

My colleagues will be in touch as soon as possible.


Thanks obi howlong do you guys reckon? I been waiting for almost 24 hours my card etc works because ive been wholesalers just not payments with online thanks!

Typically we do try to have these sorted out within 24 hours at the most.

I anticipate that we should be able to have this sorted out today.


Hopefully mate nobody has messaged me yet i need it done asap but thanks !

Guys just updating everybody security checks done i can now send payments again thanks tide sorry for any disturbance

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