Payment blocked message… help!


Hi, I need to make a large payment today, I’ve logged a ticket/chat! No response.


Hi @nikt33, apologies for the delay, our Member Support strive to deliver fast and effective solutions and we are disappointed it was not the case for you. I can see an agent from the Member Support team has been in contact with you regarding this query. Please feel free to ask them any further questions, they will be happy to help.




Thanks Nick I’ve replied…desperately need this sorting today… cheers


I have had this issue too today and despite numerous messages to tide I have had zero response not only is this extremely frustrating and worrying, it has also lost me business today!!


This is sorted now, but it’s caused me a LOT of stress today(4 hours to get this sorted is NOT OK!). A simple phone call could have had this sorted in moments!!

Also online chat is not “chat” obviously. And no phone numbers to ring! NOT IMPRESSED!!!

Please feed this back to your mgmt.


Ditto suddenly sorted but no coms from them very unimpressed service needs to get better cant go through this stress


Hello there has been a temporary pause on my account


Can somebody please help me here, I have a courier business and I need to pay my drivers petrol and my funds are unaccessible this is ridiculous


Hello nick my account has been put on pause and nobody has gotten back to me


Good day,
I have contacted Tide regarding my app thst has been blocked since ladt night and unyil now i fid not recieved aby answer at all.