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I have had the same issue as a number of customers on here suggesting their payment has been blocked for security reasons with no further follow up. I have started a chat and sent an email with nothing further. We are a new start up and the payment which is being blocked is vital to ensure our capability to deliver our service and operator so could someone please get back to me as soon as possible?


Hello @edrose,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We have located the case and escalated it to our relevant team.

They will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.


Thank you Borislav. Could you please confirm if this is likely to be over this weekend or Monday? The payment needs to be cleared for the recipient Monday and so I do need confidence that this is going to be the case.


I was just contacted to say that the issue has been resolved and the payment could be made, yet again I have tried and it has been blocked AGAIN! could you please get back to me on this as soon as possible please.

I am experiencing the same issue! This is amateur for a technology bank. Had I seen these issues before opening I would have went with Revolut who managed to resolve instantly with an upload of ID. I can’t seem to get a reply on the messages or even find a phone number to call to speak to a human. This is stopping me from paying business bills.

It’s annoying but will probably look to change from Tide to another provider as this could kill a business.

I have the same issue. Account blocked but no reason given and nobody answering chats. For these urgent issues there really needs to be either communication when the block is created or some way to quickly access customer service to resolve any issues. Leaving customers blocked and in the dark is really unprofessional.

Thank you for letting us know about this, @GlenMcCarty

If you can let us know the name of your business, I’d be happy to look into the matter with the right team so we can keep you better informed.


Hi Obi

The team have been in touch and have unblocked the transaction. I think the main issue, which I’m sure is what others are feeling too, is that you don’t give any sort of notice or advice about blockings, and as payments are usually made on the day they’re needed (e.g. payroll) hearing that an account or transaction is blocked (for no clear reason) and with the message saying it can take 24 hours for your team to get in touch with no way to get hold of them other than sending a message which isn’t immediately picked up generates panic that a vital payment isn’t going to get through in time.

When I enter my payroll payments I need those to be sent immediately, not the day later, and although the block was taken off within a few hours that is clearly not guaranteed and waiting until the next day would be catastrophic.

I also haven’t had a further response from your team about WHY the block was put on… was this because of odd activity that flagged something? Was it due to the size or a payment, or have I paid to a company which is on a watch list? As a customer I need to know if I am transacting in an odd way and raising a flag - if that’s the case please tell me and I’ll see if I can operate in a way which isn’t causing you as a bank any sort of concern.

Generally the issue here isn’t with the actions you’re taking, it’s with the way you take them, added to the issue of not being able to call you even for these exceptional cases. I totally get that you want to offer full phone support to customers who pay you the (in my opinion exorbitantly expensive) Plus fee, but you really should provide a number to contact in circumstances such as these when you exceptionally block an account or transaction.

Thanks for getting back to me on this, Glen.

I do completely understand how this must have been somewhat frustrating. I do appreciate that you’d like to know more of the why of the pause itself, but unfortunately this isn’t something that myself or the team can provide details for, as part of procedure.

These pauses are definitely something we try to keep on top of and respond within the same day whenever possible, but I’ll definitely pass your feedback along to the team.


Well said Glen! Indeed once the Tide team picked it up it was cleared and able to be processed, it is simply the lack of confidence that this may or may not happen again and lack of reasons when that is the case. Like you, if it’s down to reasons within our control it would be great to know to be able to rectify. Tide, your help on us understanding this issue would be appreciated.

Hi ,

I am having this same issue and i have been waiting a long time for someone to message me to unblock the account so I can make same day payments again. Please can you get someone to message me as soon as possible.

Account Name : Nadak Team Ltd


Hello @Ashc,

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

We can confirm that the case has been located and escalated with urgent priority to our dedicated team. Our support team is in touch with you within the app and will bear with you until the case is fully resolved.

Let us know if anything else comes up!


My account has the same issue 1 transaction and they have blocked my account I need to pay wages immediately and I am having NO RESPONSE definitely unprofessional from a supposed “business bank”

Hello @Dannyd!

I have messaged you in the second post that you have made. If you do not mind sharing the name of your company, so I can handle the query for you!

29 days later

I have also had a vital payment blocked. - Essential Care Organics Holdings Ltd if anyone at Tide can help me?

I appreciate that there is a duty to protect customers from fraud, but if a bank blocks a payment, they need to back this up with timely support. - Timely being within maximum 1-2 hours!

Tide say on their website that customers can access funds at any time - simply not true!

Thank you for reaching out about this @Aweeds

I’ve just brought this up to the responsible team, they are aware of the payment and as soon as their review is complete they’ll be in touch. They’ll reach out to you shortly.

These checks are part of our efforts to keep member accounts safe, but we do try to keep them as quick as we possibly can.