Payment blocked "for security reasons"


I am now sorted thankfully. What a nightmare


I know of 3 other people all still blocked. Debit card works but no payments through App or Web


Wooow, good to hear hope mine will be attended to. Cant wait to give a positive comment


I have the same problem and have been waiting for two days


Sorry to hear Bathsheba. Incidentally have you tried to access bounce back loan scheme.


Hi @Voddyron, I can see that my colleague Jerry reached out to you yesterday at 12.07. If you could respond to his questions via the in app chat we’d love to get this sorted for you.

@AboveMandate and @Bluebird21 I can see that this was resolved for you both this afternoon, but if you need any further support please don’t hesitate to reach out via the in app chat.

@fabulousfox I’m afraid I couldn’t locate your account with the details you have registered on Community. Could you confirm your business name for me so I can follow this up?

Thanks for reaching out @Bathsheba , we’ve located your support ticket and will follow this up internally for you. Our agents will respond directly via the in app chat with an update.



I’m the same, I’ve had both my corporation tax payment and a transfer blocked. Sent messages, no reply


Hi @SteveA

I’m sorry to hear this. Could you please confirm your company name so the team can look into it?