Payment blocked "for security reasons"


I am trying to make a payment through the tide app, to an account that i have paid before, but i am unable to, due to “security reasons”.

What are the security reasons?

How do i resolve this?

How long will this take?

I no longer have access to my money. Money that i need in order to keep my business running.


Sorry for the delay in coming back to you @reeves,

Looks like you were having trouble because we just needed to conduct some security checks. These checks are rare and are in place to protect the security of our members accounts - within working hours they’re generally completed within 2 hours.

Happy to see our team was in touch with you this morning to get everything resolved :slight_smile:


Same thing happened to me this morning, been waiting now for over 2 hrs for someone to get back to me.
Terrible service. I will be closing my account immediately (if anyone has the courtesy to get back to me)


I just spotted this thread because I am worried. I have the same problem and I need to pay my staff. What security checks? I have been running for three months and paying my staff on time. Now I can’t. This need to be resolved ASAP. It’s hard enough to run a business, but a bank that restricts funds like this just makes it harder. Get this sorted and answer my support request.


Hi Doug,

I’m really sorry for the delay in getting back to your request.

I can see that this was resolved in the app chat with my colleagues :slight_smile:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further enquiries.


I’ve got the same issue. Trying to make an urgent payment which was blocked “for security reasons”. I am likely to incur fees for the purchase I am trying to make now and risk the seller pulling out of the deal due to delays.


Hi @Josef, our apologies for any delays you encountered with this payment. I can see that our Member Support team sent you a message in-app around 9am this morning with some good news.

If we can help with anything else please do reach out via the app!


Same thing here we missed a bill payment due to this and are now liable for heavy damages for breach of contract. Will be taking Tide through the courts to recover losses and taking up with the FCA. Tide is nothing more than a scam. Horrendous and stressful experience with no customer service or response to emails, in app messages and the only phone number they have is utterly useless and simply said email them, when they never respond.


Hi @CEO ,

I’m so sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your experience. Please rest assured that account pauses are rare; they happen to protect the security of our members, and to comply with industry regulations. You can read more here - I can see that our Member Support team have been in touch and this is now resolved for you. In order to improve our processes and ensure there is nothing further we can assist you with at this stage it would be great if you can respond to the latest email sent this week from my colleague Ali.

If you require any further support or there’s anything else we can help with please do reach out to our Member Support via the app or